World of LordCraft

World of LordCraft
  • Release Date:  2010/3
  • Publisher:  Gsprite
  • Developer:  
  • Genre:  Fantasy,Strategy
  • Rating Score

World of LordCraft is a free-to-play massively multiplayer online browser game set in the fantasy world, with no downloads and installations required (No Download MMORPG). In WoL, what awaits for you is to claim the daily login rewards, choose your race, build a city,, and use your best strategy, join a tribe to fight. After signing up that takes a few minutes, players can start the journey in web browser right away.

In the game, players are placed in a mysterious world once built and run by strong titans and dragons, which, however, disappeared later. From then on, the once wonderful and peaceful world turned into complete chaos. Players should role play fighters and set up alliances in battling others, in order to gain better and larger territory. Beginning as a young lord without any army, players are to fortify their Castle, forge alliances, expand their territory and lead the Heroes into epic quests to slay monsters and beasts that roam the land.

The eleven numbered and named areas in the world to explore and conquer in the game give no chance of getting bored. They are: twilight forest, moonglade, Coldridge Mountains, the barrens, stranglethorn vale, boundless prairie, swamp of sorrows, forsaken lands, blasted lands, dragonblight and searing desert. Having its own story behind, each land provides players different set of quests and challenges.

World of LordCraft features a Ranking System that displays your position and ranking among all the players in the world, which makes the game more competitive and absorbing.

Players should place high importance on the resource and equipment, as well as research.

Even after logging off from the game, the Castles will continue to build up resources while the units still carry out the orders, waiting for players’ return.

This game allows no cheats or secrets, so players can succeed only by hard working and firm determination.

Although some elements are similar to WOW and some other games as someone argue, the artworks in World of LordCraft are the original creation of the team. This game may well be a good alternative for those who don’t have large amounts of time.

In July, 2010, The Shanghai-based Thunderstorm Entertainment, Inc. announced its new domain name to publish World of Lordcraft. And There has been 3 servers in all available to North American and European Players, and according to sources inside, the registered players reached around 100,000.  This Chinese browser game is powered by a group of talented gamers and industry experts.


The team behind World of Lordcraft run into problems, suddenly shut down its original website and launching a new domain for this browser game. Also, Facebook App of World of Lordcraft is redirected to new domain.
check the following announcement to learn more:

World of Lordcraft lauched a new domain

Our original domain “” is temporarily not available, we have launched a new one “” urgently. Please visit our new site “”, We do apologize for the inconvenience that may cause you, and we will compensate the players in the near future. Please lose no time in telling each other this news.

Thank you so much!

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13 Comments on World of LordCraft


  1. I will have to check this game out and write a review on it. Thank you for your sharing of it.

  2. Servers were shut down yesterday, while I was playing no less. Try to log on, it won’t come up.

  3. World of Lordcraft Swindle

    It seems the creators are flying away with the money of players. The website no more exist and Thunderstorm is a “dummy company”. All players who gave money by Paypal have to do reclamation quickly !

  4. This really sucks – although i hadnt paid some of my guild members were in the $100.00 + dollar spend – an absolute rip off – not to mention the hours of wasted time building that could have been spent elsewhere

  5. Holy crap, I did not see that coming, after I got into it and joined a guild… so much for me enjoying a game.

  6. wtf the game is down or deleted???

  7. yeah the game is back

  8. The game has bugs that can be exploited to create massive armies, thousands of times larger than the average player can possibly create in a lifetime. GSprite does not seem to care and has not corrected the problem or removed the exploited accounts.

    If you are not a hacker privileged to know the exploits, stay away

  9. Game takes too much time to build armies and buildings. Credit Card need to buy items. So i recommended that only rich people are welcome and peeps still schooling with no income, better play world of warcraft then this game. Turn base attacking mode. 2d graphics with no sense of fun. Well have fun!! -Artemis

  10. yeah.. better play another games…

    maybe perfect world, RF, Rohan, Seal, or Point Blank….

    whatever!!! :)


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