• Release Date:  2009/8
  • Publisher:  Tribal Nova
  • Developer:  
  • Genre:  Kids Game, Virtual World
  • Rating Score

Woozworld, formerly known as the Kidstudio is a virtual world designed for teens ages 9 to 12 and proposes to build a personalized world from four distinct cultures: Mystic Alley Colony V Cortoza and Lib Street.

The game is Woozworld developed by Tribal Nova Montreal, a leader in the design of interactive youth programs on the Web that works with major partners (PBS / USA: PBS Kids Play CBC / Canada: CBC Wonderworld – Marathon / France for Totally Spies and many other licenses …).

On this program, the first provider of traffic has the scoop! Do not wait for the Advancement of Woozworld!
Woozworld keeps the identifier of the partner that sent the traffic in a cookie valid for one year and renewed at each visit.

As long as your visitor’s cookie assets, it will be considered yours. Then, once a part of your visitors to Woozworld, you are bound “to life” (as the program is active) in their database. You will be commissioned as a “lifetime” on all transactions that it will. The Committee is of 19.6% the amount of subscriptions by your players.
Woozworld available in French and English and is aimed both at a European audience that North American (payments can be made in €, £ and $).

Woozworld is a virtual world for kids, tweens and teens in which it is changing its character among a community of players. The game features different worlds to discover, in which we can move freely and constantly evolving.

In Woozworld can customize their characters as desired, furnish, play various games to win the Silver WoOz Beez and (virtual currency to purchase things in the game). It can also work to win and make a lot of things. It may even have used magical powers throughout his adventures. New events are regularly organized. And in all the movements can be crossed with other players with whom we can sympathize or exchange items.

In short, Woozworld is a wonderful world to discover where you can make friends.

Woozworld is developed by Tribal Nova, a leading worldwide entertainment and to provide virtual worlds for children and already famous authors of totaly spies. The game features a section that allows parents to parents can monitor what happens on the game and especially what their children. Woozworld is the ideal venue for a space of freedom to your children while having control over it.

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142 Comments on Woozworld


  1. Heyy!!
    Everyone add me!(:

    • if you do cheats you will get banned forever…

      • Hey everyone! its samantha67890! Plz add me! and this is a little help CHEAT CODES ARE BANNED! AND YOU WILL GET BANNED FOREVER (Just saying.. people who wants to be banned not my fluat)

        • WoozworldExpert

          u will not get banned I have so many cheats and it doesn’t happen

        • That’s what happened to me. I am really mad because i didn’t do a code, a girl did one on me then when i tried to log back in it said my sruff was wrong. I think that is not right at all because WzW made the codes and cheats. So why should we be banned FOREVER. And i have wooz and four woozpets. Now on my new account i have no and no woozpets. I just have beex.

          • Hii,
            Srry to hear u got banned but truly u sorta did do something wronge u gave someone ur pass and they might have hachede ur account i know how it feels im rlly poor im this account as well :(

          • i agree with mary149 i made a charicter on woozworld for my BFF and like i worked very hard on it and she went to look for cheats and tyed it in and when she got on “POOF” it was gone and i gave her my money to do that stuff now its a waset!

            PS: never ever youse cheats!

          • hay can yu help me get started :-)

        • Wooz world is a fun website from ages 8 – 14 you can explore. Btw cheats dont do anything they are just fun things and dont do anything. But if something did happen because of cheats its unlikely ive been on for years, and well everyone does em.

      • no u wont lier

      • If u want to say stuff like stewpid or sucks say stew pid and sucs

      • You will never get banned forever you ass-hole you can be suspended but u will never get banned forever so shut your mouth unless you know what you’re talking about!!!!!!!!

      • Shut your mouth bitch you will never get banned forever don’t say anything if you dont know what you’re talking about!!!

      • you can get banne if your with a moderator

      • no u wont u never get banned unless they catch u

        i done plenty cheats one woozworld plenty

      • No you won’t i did a cheat and did you do a cheat then you got banned forever? well add me my name is Jenna3106 on woozworld! can’t wait for you to add me :)

  2. I need cheats for woozworld

  3. i need a number to call does any one now it

  4. plz some one tell me

  5. what the hell i really want to go back on and for some reason i can’t (cry’s) i miss woozworld and i need a number to call plz someone help me

    (cry cry cry cry cry cry cry cry cry)

    can some one plz help me

  6. what is yuor name juliana every one add me me name is peaceloveball tell me if u saw what i said on here ok and add me i need friends wooo!! peace i out B)

  7. pano ba yung cheats???

    • will you gota good point but woozworld rules then fiesta does try the game it is so alsome and fun

    • ok you knw peeps you guys should try it it is: safe, fun,cool,easy to play, you can count on peeps or me i play woozworld try it tipe my name see me that is al i got do what you want to gust d the best choice i knowyou wil thank you very much lol! xd!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so i guess have a good and safe day i hope we can met in the game sometime need clothes come to me get fre or what ever gust be nice ,dont trick,be safe,be approbeate,plus make usre you can get reported and get kicked out so…plz do your best

  8. Woozworld is not like a playstation game, you can’t type a code and hope to get free items. On the 10th Oct 2010 woozworld updated, so no cheats that we’re found work anymore. Although completing the achievements earns you abit of beex and completing the achievements while VIP earns you beex and wooz.

    Recent answer on here said “give me your pass and i’ll give you a cheat”

    Thats so they can steal your account, don’t fall for it.

    My name on woozworld is Gallous feel free to add me :)

  9. wooz world is a boring and fun game its fair but u cant type cheat and get the things u want soo it all i hav 2 say and thank u 4 letting me play wooz world

  10. if u read this i need beex lots of it so look me up my name on woozworld is dontay97,liltay97,and rodgers97 so look all three of me up

  11. who wants to know my username to be friends it is::::::::::::::: woozworld yeah that me rich,prettuy,beatiful,alsome,cool and soon vip

  12. hi everyone:) plz add me i am earthtinkerbell on woozworld

  13. Woozworld is cool
    Add me as a friend and come to my unit
    I am a VIP and my unit is #33 of the best
    Look for Dj-V

  14. why do you stink and have big poo

  15. Hey people, don’t forget to add me
    My ww name is Sica987

  16. would u just give us some cheats geez! P.S. my username is Awsome 3000 and my password is:*********** HA-HA not telling u!
    be my buddy!

  17. lets just weat i am 5 yrs old(i do not have an account)

  18. i know you know me i am the one of the most ppeps in woozworld maybe you know me lol anyway my name in woozworld is elensap i am more sure you now me but and those who not know me add me :) :):)

  19. lol there are cheats up up down down left right left right b a and wualla


  21. i want to be vip and make my world.So please help me,thanks

  22. :) fantage and woozworld rock!!! :)

  23. come on woozworld take a kare of the wozens who are not vip (very ungry)

  24. pleas woozworld i need a cheets for money

  25. Agree, woozworld very popular in France and UK. As woozen I like this games and I have wrote all woozworld tips and guides.

  26. I am flariz. I own a shop pod and a non-member add me please.

  27. hey everyone pls add me in woozworld
    my names is BrerJenny314 :D

  28. plz help me i am rich and all but how do you save up it is so hard to like you r rich and all but there is so miny things to spend on

  29. Hi Woozen and Hi Peeps,
    well, this is my answer to all your question.
    - you can do cheats but if you do that you will get banned forever.
    - if you are rich, woozworld have many stores go buy something you like.
    -if you have a store but no-one is visiting it, click edit, furnish it to ur own style then click events… when other woozen click events they may see your unitz.. ( other woozen is so cool so design your unitz so cool too)
    -want to have money? buy sell something ..

    – wish that helps, wanna add me? i’m courtney213..

  30. oh and if you have technical problems visit woozworld then scroll down read the message for parents then you will see an email there contact it. you will soon receive a message.

  31. oh if you have more question just reply me i will give you more feedbacks..

    ( I’m not a woozband member ok… I’m just a player too..)

    • hi my name is gisel54321 in th wooz life LOLZ. And i was wondering if u had a leather jacke with dress and scarf it is popular and i really need it i want to inpress a GUY


  32. I llllluuuuuvvvvv woozworld! My name is 10-kalista-21! Add me! Btw earthtinkerbell, I owe u a prize

    • i saw ur woozen in woozworld and i saw ur face change ur face! srsly! i srsly wanted 2 barf! no offense . . . and u dont match ur clothes nicely. u need 2 have an extreme make over. srsly!

  33. heeey i am bluepartystar on woozworld

  34. I m a player on woozworld my name is KitKat86868 add me!! :) i m trying to buy Rose Tie hair beex only can anyone do that for me?! Anyone?? anyway when i m on i usually do free time add me and just ask………. lol

  35. come on people i will make a new acount on a new computer if i have ro just give me some cheats

  36. if you can that is

  37. in woozworld my name is coolo123sister and by the way were are the CHEATS?

  38. Cheat #1: type /moonwalk and then press enter and walk. It will make you walk backwards.

    Cheat #2: up up down down left right left right type ba. It will make you shoot fire balls

  39. hi,
    i am on woozworld and i luv it!
    My Name on it is kia105, alfie132, kiyacooper and jade something
    look me up all my people are vip

    Look me up please

  40. what are woozworld cheats? can someone tell me?

  41. Umm cheats are somthing to get prizes and wooz and ect

  42. Hi i looooooooooooooove woozworld i play it everyday!anyway my username is sahar55667 so feel free to add me.

  43. im not banded from wooz world wat is it like?????

  44. add me -ill-wayne-i have a hip hop look

  45. hey everone look me up makiyahp u guys rock all of my fans !!!! <3 <3 <3

  46. retoted

  47. and ugly people will shtup

  48. one of the woozworld cheats are /moonwalk\

  49. hey everyone i am blade star (add me pls) and i can tell u how to do moonwalk on wooz world ! write this were we write dilogs /moonwalk no capital now it is easy to u to do moonwalk

  50. cheats i know:

    1- /moonwalk
    2- up up down down left right left right b a

    I have more cheats just search me my name is MykaMaya on Woozworld

  51. People add me. WhO knows how to mOonwalk on woozworld?

  52. i love this site. ths is the most wonderful site evr!!

  53. woozworld is the best site evr plz come to my shop and buy somthing of beex my name ashleyModel

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  55. plz add me, my woozen name is kattie935

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  59. ppl here are so mean, selfish and mannerless
    also network problems are very frequent bcuz of which which place to visit at a certain time is very difficult to b visited at only that times
    this happens 90% of the times

  60. i want cheats

  61. Well I dnt know any cheats I just wanted to say IF U HAVE SHIH TZU PIECES I really need them so message meh oh btw I am daddygurlluv123 idk if u know me or not but u shud cuz I ROCK and luv making new friends so add meh!!!!!!! Luv daddygurlluv123 <3

  62. woozworld is the BEST game anyone could find
    add me BaByBlUe1o1

  63. if u want any wooz just txt me BabyBlue1o1
    at the end it is 1 o one NOT one zero one


  65. If anybody wants to shop on woozworld, come to my shop. It’s wooz and beex. It’s not very big. It’s like a mini mall. It’s one of my unitz! I’m sweetcupcake13. Add me! I really need wooz so plz buy something.

  66. Hey everybody, add me funnybunny128 and u will not get bnd for doing cheats i do it all the time so dont believe those other people!!

  67. Hi everyone. My Woozen name is GlamourGirl, Big Shot or Opinionated

  68. hi guys i am gonna give u two cheats

    1) /moonwalk

    2) (on key board) up up down down left right left righ (on the chat thing) ba

  69. ohhh and plz add me and buy from me my name is Aleigh-LoL and my pass is

    **** JK not telling but i have a wooz code and if some one buys from me i will give it to them
    for real i gave it to my friend ILikePlants she loves the code

  70. hey if you want my account just do this my email is yaddyya@ymail.com and my password is aaa any one could get in just plz dont change the password also plz get me wooz if u can

  71. heyyy does any one know the activation code

  72. what the f?

  73. Hey Guys add me im Sahar55667
    and i just became a new VIP 2 days ago but when someone votes me or my unitz then i don’t get wooz can someone help me?

    THX! HOPE THIS HELPED!!!!!!!!!!
    :D DD

  75. I love woozworld ! who da heck don like woozworld ??? :P

  76. All I need to know is how do you be like, super big? I keep seeing people go big like that and they never answer anyone (mostly me :| )
    when we ask hoow they got like that

    Add me <3

  77. Add me im mepurple1

  78. Clarisse-IV (woozwordl)

    i realy love woozworld i nevr give up to play this game! i think im ADICT ont this game!! hahah lol……………..i have so many cheats,codes,to get FREE WOOZ or FREE BEEX so get it now!!! here is my password:56342.I am VIP if u catch my money open ur account on other iconz then catch my FREE VIP ! go hurry!!!!!!!!

  79. Hey,I always get: error connecting to multiplayer server help!! I RLLY MISS WOOZWORLD!

  80. add me plz i am sparkles146

  81. ok sooooooo um well woozworld is totally fun and all but how do u own a store and shit like thatcuz i have 1000.0000.876 b’s but it wont let me bye anything

  82. hey guysif u hav a manny will u sell me one for one hun beex anyone?

  83. If you do cheats you will get abnned POINT BLANK PERIOD. As if you know you did something wrong when it says -Error occoured with email and password- and if you used a cheat code you know you did something wrong honestly im a victim and a wittness my friend has gone threw it she cried for a week i have gone threw it i knew i did something wrong because my brother took a hold of my account and got me banned! Knowing that i didnt do it i yet felt bad and like a bad person because i was like to myself “Yo Stella why would u let him do that” then i kept replaying it over an over then i messaged every single mod! DO YOU KNOW HOW LONG IT TOOK TO MESSAGE EVERY SINGLE MOD!? But it was my responsabilty so peeps heres one tip:Dont do as u see

  84. Despite of what i have wittness and gone threw being banned from woozworld is a very rough thing to go threw but seing it is just belive it or not ten times worse for me because telling the person no its not right there just gonna continue doing something there not supposed to be doing then next thing you know BAM there goes there woozworld account i am a wittness and a victim but the victim part is a longer story BTW EVERONE GO TO YOUTUBE.COM AND SUSCRIBE TO…

  85. do you all notice that wooz world is takeing for ever to do up grade.

  86. i know right thats wat i came here for they service will soon com back but it took over 15 hours u know


  88. I have a way to get free wooz but the thing is u gotta give me ur account so yea i help many people already u dont have to if u dont want to but if u trust me message me on woozworld username is Gorqeousxdiva oh nd if u dont trust me while im making ur woozen rich i will even let u go on my account while i make u rich.
    Soo yea if u want No ones forcing you. Ask around before you do it to many people will tell u that i dont scam and that iw ill help u.

  89. add me pplz i am emileerose just emileerose :) i have a q. plz reply….

    Q. when was woozworld made like wat year???? i wanna find out for some reason idk y plz answer plz :) )

  90. ugh who nos cheats and codes to take people acounts on woozoworld

  91. I’m on the same page with the general sentiment here. Truthful information is what will help end it.

  92. i miss you woozworl


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