War2 Glory

War2 Glory
  • Release Date:  2010
  • Publisher:  Just A Game
  • Developer:  Wistone
  • Genre:  Strategy
  • Rating Score

War2 Glory is a new German strategy browser game (MMORTS) by Berlin-based Just A Game who is aiming to bring amazing Browser Games, PC and console games to gamers across the world.

Like other browser strategy games, War2 Glory also presents you a small city in which you are the chief commander and manage your city, developing it further through new technologies and culture. With strong forces in the war-torn world, you will lead your troops to conquer the whole world in the Second World War.

In a fury of fighting and battling, what begins in the War 2 Glory’s gaming world evolves into a tactics-required expanding, high end technology advancement and global social networking in your web browser.

Similar to War2 browser game, WW2 Warfare, WW2 Assembly, Case White, Warstory: Europe in Flames, Dawn of Nations, you begin your new life in the strategy game War2 Glory. In Military Area, you build your hospital, tech institutes, airport, harbor and train an elite unit with modern equipment.

The Berlin publisher Just A Game (We already known Bigpoint and rumors said Just A Game hired one of Bigpoint’s management) for the first time develop the browser game and even set us in the turmoil of World War 2. You will have a few options to play, like customize vehicles and weapons, buildings and technologies.

Dive you into the land, air and sea action-packed battles and choose your favorite factions like the Allies and the Axis powers available, and form your alliance to start firing right now.

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5 Comments on War2 Glory


  1. this is the exact same game as war2 and both suck…so many inactive cities that there are only super powerful or non existent playuers…save yourtime and do not try…stupid stupid game

    • first of all. your wrong and second you must suck. its a stragety game learn some strategies and come back please

  2. that is entirely wrong, it is fun depending on how much effort you put toward it. It is a war game so to succeed you must build alot of troops. you get what you put into it, in this case more time and effort means more success. dont not try it just because some people have bad opinions of it.

  3. This game has gone down hill for months. Prices are skyrocketing and rules are constantly changing. Bugs and technical errors are common and don’t get fixed…developers are too busy finding ways to raise prices instead of fixing anything.
    There appears to be a complete disregard of players feelings and or respect for the players at this site.

    0 of 5 stars


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