The Settlers Online

The Settlers Online
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Build up your village and keep your citizen live in harmony. Engage yourself in military affiars with your strategic skills. Expand your empire and become a ultimately mighty one.

The Settlers Online is a free-to-play browser game based on pc game The Settlers series distributed by Ubisoft. The Massively Multiplayer Online Game (MMOG) The Settlers Online integrates all cool features of PC the Settlers game.

In The Settlers Online, you start with a small settlement or village which is totally undeveloped and in Virgin Land. Like the browser game Travian, you are required to construct as many building as you can, ranging from military, defensive, production and research lab. Gradually, you use your resourceful abilities and transform your small village into a thriving, prosperous and harmonious city.  Of course, you can use the virtual items to design your city’s development plan. A good looking capital city earns you a highly acclaimed reputation. Do your best and accomodate more settlers.

Resources are the most fundamental requirement for the strategy browser games, The Settlers Online is no exception, you need to keep making your setters or cetizen happy so that they can work hard and devote themselves into the future production, like go to the constuction spot, or resources mine to help you gain more wealth by which you can get more troops and finally launch the attack on the cities around or beyond.

One of the remarkable features in The Settlers Online is you can join the alliances or tribe with your races  or your friends to conquer more territories. In a World, colonization and expantion are the best policy to survive.

Following the traditional MMORPG’s quest and mission path, The Settlers Online takes on the storyline-based questing and once you perform the quest and complete it, you will be handsomely rewarded with  honor, fame and precious items.

This Free browser game is now available in German, but if you can read GERMAN,  you can summon up your allies and guild members to quest the game. The similar browser games can be found at This game is a real time strategy game, so even if you are offline, your settlers are still working for you.  Also no worries, it is completely free to play.

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5 Comments on The Settlers Online


  1. I at outset would recommend any person intending to play this game not to spend real life money on it. Its an amazing game however a complete waste of your money. Normally players can buy gems for a price which although may seem lucrative given the discounts offered but is useless. To have fun in the game you might as well go with the game’s economy without bringing real money into play.

    The game is feature rich however its biggest downside is abusive moderation. Like any online game – volunteers moderate the trading, chat and other player interactions. But given the immense control vested with the moderators and they themselves being among players, lead to unpleasant experiences and abuse of authority. You might end up using real life money for a few days only to realize that –
    The moderators could ban you even if they don’t like your Avatar name.
    They could ban you if you simply say Hi to other players.
    They could ban you even if you ask them for help.
    They could ban you even if you don’t do anything at all.
    They could ban you even if you land up in the wrong chat channel.

    Retarded isn’t it !!! But seemingly you are more likely to get banned than play the game.

    The support for the game is another dysfunctional area of it which leads to the downfall of the game.

    I would rate this game as 1.5 out of 5. Even the 1.5 is towards the feature rich game-playing experience. Give yourself a few months before spending any money on the gems or items.

  2. I completely agree with Aashish.
    Having played this game for a few months and really enjoyed playing, I was genuinely banned by a moderator who didn’t like my name (nothing rude or impolite). I wrote to support, but nothing was done.
    I was again banned for no other reason than the moderator made his own rules which had nothing to do with PEGI-7 nor the terms and conditions and it was very hurtful that he just thought I should do as he said.
    Eventually I was given a permanent ban by one of these mods basically because I had reported them to support for their discrimination.
    I made the BIG Big mistake of spending some money on the game because I enjoyed it, but a perma ban means you don’t get the use of the money you have spent, nor can you get it back.
    Ubisoft take it without any responsibility of providing recompense nor satisfaction in the case of a disagreement.

    Steer WELL clear of this game. It can be a financial rip off.


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