The Agency: Covert Ops

The Agency: Covert Ops
  • Release Date:  2010/5
  • Publisher:  SOE
  • Developer:  
  • Genre:  Warfare
  • Rating Score

“The Agency: Covert Ops.”  is a Mafia Wars style game where you lead the life of a secret agent, which was distributed by SOE in May 7. In The Agency Covert Ops agents, you are able to do adventurous missions, gain wealth, and increase influence. As you progress, you will unlock new technology, locations, and missions. You could also play numorous mini-games, customize your avatars.

The Agency: Covert Ops is a compelling social media action game that immerses players in the top secret world of spies and super villains from the safe house of the Facebook platform.


# Pulse-Pounding Missions: Travel the globe as a jet-setting agent taking down rivals and building your network of operatives. Encounter a new breed of super villains and their murderous henchmen in various missions giving you access to new gadgets, weapons and the most desirable intel.

# Killer Mini-games: Agents need to master safe-cracking, bomb defusing, code breaking, evidence gathering and even rooftop parkour. Covert Ops has action and puzzle mini-games that put your spy skills to the test and push you to the limits of your intellect.

# You Are What You Wear: Will you be a sexy super spy or a rugged mercenary? The choice is yours in Covert Ops. Pick from five class-based abilities, each with its own special advantage when battling enemy forces in combat. Customize your avatar with the latest in designer fashion, or deck yourself out in cutting edge industrial battle gear. Choose from hundreds of items and collect attire and aliases to access numerous locales and gain influence over the people within them.

# Pimp Your HQ: Build an Agency headquarters that your friends will envy! Make a statement by personalizing your HQ with a wide array of designer furniture, sleek electronics, and the latest security devices. Show off your trophies from deadly assignments in distant lands and visit your friend’s headquarters for ideas—you’ll get bonus items just for dropping in, too.

# The Black Market: Elite agents are only as good as their gadgets and weapons. Whatever the mission, the Black Market has what you need to get the job done. Browse collections of high-tech weapons, surveillance equipment, and home decor. Whether you’re paying with wealth won from missions or purchased with cold, hard Station Cash, we have what you need to care of business like a pro. Some of the things in here aren’t exactly legal… but when you’re above the law, it doesn’t matter!

# Your Network of Agents: Work alone or engage in group missions with your Facebook friends. Agents can also recruit the world’s most dangerous and eccentric operatives, creating a top notch Agency of world renown. Covert Ops even makes it easy to share your feats of stealth and style by posting your accomplishments or snapshots of your avatar on your Facebook wall.

Tips from a player
· If you find yourself blocked by a technology requirement you can’t quite afford, check previous missions. You should be able to find the components you need.
· Don’t neglect group missions. Solo missions may provide more rewards overall, but group missions don’t cost cover.
· If you’re having trouble with a fight, upgrade your technologies. Enemies match your level but they don’t match your technology.
· Visiting your friends HQ will give you the opportunity to sweep bugs for wealth and influence.
· The first time you visit each of your friend’s HQs you get a component. So make as many friends as possible!
· Each class has a special ability which emphasizes a combat stat. Getting techs and stat upgrades that complement that ability will make you much more effective.
· Critical determines both your rate of critical AND the amount of damage you do when you successfully crit. You don’t need a lot of damage to crit big.
· Dodge allows you to both dodge attacks fully and avoid some of the damage of attacks that hit. Dodge is more powerful the more HP you have.
· If you’re having trouble with a certain minigame, grab that game’s respective +time technology. The extra playtime can be a big help on harder games.
· Though you unlock missions only as you progress through the story, you can go back and play them at any time. Sometimes it’s worthwhile to replay old missions for influence or wealth.
· Researching certain techs will unlock cool new items to buy in the HQ and for your avatar. Experiment to see what you can get.
· The rewards for group missions are tied to how many operatives you have in the given region. You should try to fill up all the slots for the best reward.
· You can replay assignments to earn mastery levels. Completing mastery levels gives you components as a reward.
· You can turn off the music and sound by clicking the icons in the lower right corner.
· You don’t have to do every mission – sometimes you’ll have an option of where to go to get what you want. Pick the mission that fits your current needs.

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