Stone Age Kings

Stone Age Kings
  • Release Date:  2011
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In the browser game Stone Age Kings you defend your territory with mace, sling and spear. As chief of a tribe, you have the fate of the village solely in your hands.

Stone Age Kings bring you back to the Stone Age when you armed with a spear, try to conquer other territories and expand your power steadily. But you are not the only chief who would fight for the domination.

In Stone Age Kings, you start with one small village in a rude Stone Age world. Your goal is to raise this village to a kingdom. Additionally, you can farm other players or conquer caves, that will give you bonus advantages.

As soon as your kingdom gets bigger, more problems will occur. Your resident consume fur and food and as you raise their demands do also. You always have to keep an eye on your bronze income. Never leave a village or cave unprotected, because your enemies will have an eye on them. But be carefull. Your units have maintenance costs and if you cant pay them they will desert. You will come to a point where you want to join a clan to play together and fight other clans. At this point the real challenge begins.

The areas could be conquered in a particularly versatile manner. In the north you can go through the mountains, in the east you pass through the green pastures. In addition, in browser game Stone Age Kings you can conquer caves that will bring you with strategic fight advantages. Keep your own village in the eye at any time and defend it against attackers who are armed with spear and slingshot.

In the online game Stone Age Kings with the same gameplay of Managore, you can choose from different weapons, so you are prepared to suit any combat situation. You will be fighting not only against stone age people, because mammoths must be defeated.

In addition to a powerful tribe that is well equipped, you also need defenses that can withstand major attacks. The German strategy game StoneAgeKings English website is launched.

Game features:
- Complete interactive Flash Browsergame
- Set your maximum 31 talents points in 3 totally different talent trees (economy, military, mysticsm)
- Raise 11 Buildings to Level 10. Each level looks different!
- Play against thousands of other players per World/Server
- Amazing stunning Graphics
- Trade in the world or within your ally
- Fight for caves and villages
- Watch live battles or take a look at the replay
- Interactive gameplay with units that have maintenance costs and residents consuming fur and food

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6 Comments on Stone Age Kings


  1. the best game ever

  2. This game has a TINY population.
    this causes cliques to form and unfortunately the game is very hostile to new players.
    Anyone that doesn’t have a friend that is a mod or a huge account already in this game should look for another.
    Grepolis is much better for new players joining and a better atmosphere and game experience.

  3. I completely disagree with A player. I find that yes there are cliques. BUT there are cliques in every game that is online. All you have to do is level up quickly and efficiently and bam you can join these cliques. I found that the people were welcoming and not at all hostile. I knew nobody and yet I am still well off. Grepolis has terrible graphics compared to this game.
    To sumerize it all up THIS GAME ROCKS!!!!!!!!!

  4. Hey all! I am one of those Moderators! :) I love Stone Age Kings. Yes, there are cliques but if you dont break the rules. dont be annoying and ask serious questions (and wait for us to answer you) you won’t be an outcast! I love talking to loads of new people! I have made firends with old players as well as new players!! Stone Age Kings (SAK) can be VERY addicing!! You *dont* have to pay real cash for this game, but if you want to – you can! Hope to see you there!!! Mention this post in General Chat!!! Let us knw oyou found your way there because of us! W00t! World 1 ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ~Becca~

  5. No! World 2 ROCKS MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It’s faster!

  6. dude can you send me a invitation to be in your clan search and write malik57 my village name is lord i am level 3 i have another village its name is awais but its just level 1 well goodbye for now froggie


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