Seven Lands

Seven Lands
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This game takes you on an incredible journey filled with adventure, danger, and many surprises. Immerse yourself in the history of Seven Lands and experience the legend directly in your browser.

Seven Lands is a free to play browser-based game in which you roam through the depths of a troubled country, perform tricky quests, rage in the arenas and gather items.

In Seven Lands you begin your adventure in a torn and tortured land of mystical rituals – on an adventurous journey. This dark and fantastic world awaits militant challenges, but you must also show commercial skills and keep a cool head when solving the puzzle.

In Seven Lands, you have the choice between four nations, each blessed with powerful skills. Whether you are a human, dwarf, elf or orc, your character progresses in Seven Lands, formerly Dunwich, and you experience epic battles with monsters and other players. Each character has his own fighting style and the choices are yours. Depending on how you you settle your combat strategy and tactics, and adapt to your opponents, you can totally qualify yourself in the battles and fightings. If you are PVE fans, you can resort to explore the unknown enviroment, and slay monsters using different skills you learned, while if you are declinded to play in an Arena, then you can go to battle against other players who want to compete with you.

The German closed beta is live, while the English version or global version is not yet confirmed. However InnoGames team told, the official open beta will be soon.

Updates: on September, InnoGames’ New Browser Game Seven Lands is no longer limited to players. The developer added a plenty of storyline-driven quests, and to fix a few of bugs. Joint the roleplaying browser game now. The Grepolis‘s developer never let you down.

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