Secret Builders

Secret Builders
  • Release Date:  2008
  • Publisher:  Ren20 Media
  • Developer:  
  • Genre:  Virtual World
  • Rating Score

SecretBuilders is a free virtual world for kids between the ages of 5-15 with nearly 1 million users and growing rapidly. Secret Builders has several top 5000 ranked sites as our affiliates such as,,,, and

SecretBuilders is one of the fastest growing virtual worlds for children and young adults with a focus on creativity and learning.

Children live and play among fictional and historical characters and learn concepts from the arts and humanities. Children enjoy quests that expose them to classic books such as “Treasure Island” and “Alice in Wonderland”. Other favorite activities include getting published in the online magazine, taking care of cute virtual pets, hovering around famous art work in Frank ‘n’ Stein’s Gallery, chatting with Sherlock Holmes, and visiting Copernicus’ home to take a challenge quiz. Especially popular among users are creativity contests with tens of thousands of kids participating in these contests.

The Kid Inventor Challenge Contest, for example, asks users to submit ideas for toys, with the winning entry becoming a virtual toy within the SecretBuilders Economy.

The game is really cool and brings much fun to my friends and me.  Just want to say it is awesome and amazing!

SecretBuilders’ sponsors — including Art in Action, The Monterey Bay Aquarium, Wild Planet Entertainment, WGBH Boston, KidZui, Gamezebo, and Stone Soup magazine — host contests, venues, and other activities within SecretBuilders.

Since our launch in Dec 2008, reception by children as well as parents and teachers has been exceptionally positive. Secret Builders has seen explosive traffic growth with nearly 1 million users and counting, with thousands joining the community every day.


Haunted Mansion, Mango Lounge, and Weird Brew Cafe are just some of the places to explore and discover. Adventure and magic await you inside.

Tons of puzzles, action games and fun activities – play by yourself or challenge a buddy! And don’t forget to decorate your three-story treehouse!

The race to defeat the evil Gargoloth has begun… will you find the Seven Treasures first or will he?

It’s safe and fun to play and explore together with friends, and don’t forget to bring your Wee-pet along!

Shakespeare, Sherlock Holmes and Alice (from Wonderland) are just a few of the famous people who live here. Visit their homes and go on quests with them!

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19 Comments on Secret Builders


  1. please tell me the code for the treasure

  2. i need to know the clothes cheat

  3. omi place secretbuildess

  4. i know the codes


  5. idgt [i dont get it]

  6. yeah i dont getz it 2.

  7. how do i do the codes????????

  8. Where can I find the Codes or Cheats ?

  9. yea howww btw my name on secret builders is inhco!!!

  10. Does anyone know what is the name of the man’s book in mission 3

  11. where do u write da code

  12. How do u put the codes in??

  13. were is the telescope glass at

  14. i need to know how to do the sherlock holmes quest because ei am clicking on th e hat but in is not going into my stuff


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