Pockie Ninja

Pockie Ninja
  • Release Date:  2011/2
  • Publisher:  
  • Developer:  Dream Network (China)
  • Genre:  RPG, Strategy, Adventure
  • Rating Score

Embark on the journey on the eastern world full of  Ninja heroes, make good use of your magical skills to fend off all invasions from the evil forces. You are the real Ninja to shoulder the responsibility to bring the peace to the world and give life to nature…

The free browser game Pockie Ninja was originally released in China, with a slight success overnight. After Shanghai-based Dream Network developed this Japanese Styled online game characterized by 2D cute and lovely avatars like Naruto and Bleach, a group of Chinese online games publisher hammered out the regional licenses to distribute this Anime online game on different regions. Thus far, there has been over 10 millions of registered user in China.

In January 6, 2011, HangZhou-based NGames announced the first release for international version of Pockie Ninja, changing the original name Pocket Ninja, or Little Ninja to Pockie. After all, the folks behind DDtank, and Caesary just translated Chinese title 小小忍者 to this official name.

In Pockie Ninja, you role play as a little Ninja to complete quests, compose equipment, raise pets, and even you can capture a slave as your Pet, which has been blamed as an offence to human dignity. This so called Slave System is very popular in China, which can be found in many browser games such as Heroes of Kung Fu, Kung Fu Knights, Edragon, and etc.

If you found a game with a tie to your favorite game franchises yet featuring a mix of MMO, and addictive features with micro-transaction business model, chances are such game is made from Chinese developers. For example, Heroes of Might and Magic has been made for an MMO genre under the title of HOMM Online, Microsoft’s Age of Empires Online has been ripped off by many other Chinese games Evony, Ministry of War. What is even worse, World of Warcraft has been copied from all respects in the form of World of Lordcraft. Why do I mention such annoying things here? Because Pockie Ninja is just a direct copy of Chinese free mmorpg Zodiac Online, featuring Quest System, Arena System, and Upgradable Weapons. With some additional elements like ranking, challenge and graphics redesign in Pockie Ninja, you are never feeling new to this free browser game Pockie Ninja. Even the publisher Ngames said this anime styled game is published by an award-winning “publisher”.

Let’s see the game description from Ngames Ltd.

Pockie Ninja is an anime-based browser game that features one character, multiple classes, which changes the traditional notion that one character can only play one class. In this game, you can choose from hundreds of cartoon characters, exclusive class and hidden skills. Lovely images are never identical. Besides, you can enjoy the fun of using different characters and diversified skills. Welcome to the fantastic world of Pockie Ninja and start an unique Journey.

Other than common browser game that simply combine dialogue with graphics, Pockie Ninja uses more direct visual images to enrich the whole gaming experience. Meanwhile, stunning special effects made battles more cheerful and enjoyable.

I did not know exactly how the game worked well in China, but for those who are hating turn-based battle MMO or browser games will not love this game. Even it should be reconsidered if the game graphics are supposed to be copyright infringed. After all, Naruto and Bleach have been used in Pockie Ninja.

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39 Comments on Pockie Ninja


  1. this game is sooo GAY!!!


  3. how do u put name when u chose charater

  4. what does picking a village give you? it says picking fire tribe gives….. and it doesnt finish itself

    • whe you pick a village you have to cnow what character outfit are you going to play with. for exsaple i’m with 4th hokage and i’m in the erth village. ok so http://ninja.game321.com/forum/viewthread.php?tid=231 this is a beginner guide that you can find helpfull good luck :)

    • It gives you passive element release for specific village, like if you are in lightning village you will get passive lightning skill boost. Same for earth, earth element, and water village for water element.

  5. i cant play why does it play on fb?

  6. i can’t play it on full screen i bookmarked it and it was saved but when i went to bookmarks and clicked it it worked but i couldn’t get it on full screen can some body plz help me with this i’m begging you

  7. To: ichigodrago

    click f11

  8. ichigodrago, just press on F11 it will be full screen and if you want to turn it to normal agian just press on F11 again.

    • Heloo Guyz!!!How can I Turn on THE music???the game was so boring without the music??someone please help me??

  9. This game sucks nowm i’ve been playing since closed beta and even on Chapter II its still as boring as ever if your not the top 1. Im level 59 in s4

  10. i want Naruto how can i get it

    • You need to synthesize a blue costume first then two 40 synthesis pets to get a orange costume then you might get naruto if you don’t then go to armory and click transfer shop and put the orange costume in the box then choose naruto in the opposite box and put money in the thing at the bottom and click go or watever it say and keep doing thet until you get him they also have kyuubi naruto and sage naruto now

  11. Nice @shancey, lots of guide there.

  12. how do you stop your acc from deleting itself?

  13. this game gay don’t play it

  14. yea this game is suck…we can’t walk anywhere…we just teleport if we want to go somewhere else….

  15. GO BLEACH!

  16. stop playing this game…..it wasting ur time….this game bullshit!!!

  17. Gaia’s Zomg is way better!

  18. i want naruto…

  19. GAIA online is better than this game…..this game suck

  20. this game is full of bug and lag….this game sux…

  21. taylor stephens

    yall suck like me grow a pair so i can have them

  22. omg!!!this game soooo horibble!!!

  23. im albert43 from sever 5 how to get gold item?

  24. why can’t i add gems to my armor with slots open!!??

  25. this game is great i met many new friends via online, foreigners and the like…


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