• Release Date:  2010/12
  • Publisher:  
  • Developer:  Microsoft
  • Genre:  
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Neosaurs is a new online multiplayer browser game that is also avaialble on Facebook. It is currently free to play and you can buy some items to boost your adventure.

Neosaurs is similar to 2d side scrolling mmorpg MapleStory and casual shooting browser game DDTank. Developed by Microsoft’s independent game studios, Neosaurs will be one of the hottest browser games on Facebook. We will make a full review soon.

Below are some Pros and Cons we just listed:

I like the game, but the over-abundance of other players is just too much. There’s major competition over monsters to fight and the items that appear when they die. Nothing I hate more than a killing a monster only to watch some other player nab it. And speaking of the monsters, I don’t like how they just suddenly spawn out of nowhere. It makes the game tough, and as much as I hate to say it, the reasons that I’ve just explained makes me not want to play this cool game. :(

It’s like WoW, but side-scroller. Definitely a lot of action-RPG aspects including quests, skill enhancement, equipment, leveling, and party play.

This is a really great game so far for a browser game with no downloads. Its a 2d rpg kinda like maplestory and there are thousands of people on everyday. I would love to help out in Beta and report any flaws you have. If you guys continue to fix these flaws and have updates on the game, I think this game will become greater. Also I would love to donate money.

HUGE rip-off of maplestory, but it’s not that bad if you don’t want to download Maplestory. I didn’t get very far, but it seems to be good.

the game was very slow to progress is all. I attempted to play it and became very frustrated at both the slow progression as well as the lack of information and direction. it would be a good child’s game however it lacked the depth of something for older than say 12 years old. if there is anything else i can help you with please let me know.

Only aspect I do not like is I can use up my MP to attack someone and another player is standing there waiting to get the last move in for the kill and steal the coins and/or potions. I can see this being an issue when more people start playing. The server time out needs to be longer. I went to make a coffee and grab a snack and the server timed out the connection. Besides a few glitches that have been mentioned and the ones I mentioned, I can see this being a very fun game for all ages.

Compared with the latest Gaia Online’s social game Monster Galaxy, Neosaurs appears attractive and fun.

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6 Comments on Neosaurs


  1. Yes, its beta but really pretty good already. Do you know how much can improve in the official release? If they improve the collision detection, this game goes from good to great IMHO

  2. Great Game! very fun. So new that I can’t seem to get any cheats or walkthroughs on it yet.

  3. play it on the official web site with the URL above!
    it will not be a side scroller or maybe because i didn`t play a single side scroller games.

  4. i wonder is there is going to be hacks for the game without surveys

  5. You can change channels which is sort of like servers


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