Magic Campus

Magic Campus
  • Release Date:  2011
  • Publisher:  Gamigo
  • Developer:  Funcity (China)
  • Genre:  
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Prove your magical skills in front of your enemies and learn Witchcraft and Wizardry in the Magic Campus. Back to school. Yeah! Join this online game that are more keenly expected than Christmas. In the magical world of role playing game Magic Campus, you confront the challenging missions and fight nasty monsters with spells, and explore dangerous adventure …

Produced by China-based online games company FunCity, Magic Campus delivers 2D cute characters, and turn-based battles with quest-solving and item-crafting gameplay. Magic Campus is also called as a browser RPG, which is very similar to another Chinese browser MMORPG Forsakia and MMORPG Zodiac Online. Currently Magic Campus is published by Gamigo, a German-based MMO publisher.

This browser MMORPG reminds me of Canaan Online and Neverland Online, both of which are made in China with the same program coding.  Unlike these two browser MMORPGs, Magic Campus is set in the fantasy world where players are able to learn mana, spells with which players can sharpen and perfect their skills in the challenge and battle.

There are six academies to choose from – Emeraea, Ethereon, Ildyth, Pyron, Dawnmere and Valamoore – In Magic Campus, you explore the fantastic world of magic together with your companions who stand by your side. You encounter many unique and fantastic creatures such as humoid, shrimp, lion and tiger.  Interesting enough, you can capture these creatures as your pets that can assist you in the battles. Even you can compose your pets into an advanced pet with individual skills.

Unlike those bloody action MMORPGs, Magic Campus can be classified into the casual gaming genre with adventure. If this game matches more western styled elements, it will be more successful. However, it is just in closed beta in EU and North America, and let’s watch how Magic Campus works.

If you want to try the Chinese Magic Campus, you can directly play its Asian Version. Learn more about 3D Browser Games and No download MMORPG

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