Kicker Star

Kicker Star
  • Release Date:  In development
  • Publisher:  Playa Games
  • Developer:  
  • Genre:  Sports
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A Cartoony football manager with comic graphics and realistic feel. Captivating and intriguing online football/soccer manger simulation Kicker Star lives up to your high expectations.

Kicker Star is a very latest browser-based game from Playa Games behind “Shakes and Fidget” and “Blood game”. Kicker Star the game is a series of football management simulation games but that does not require you to download the game client, steer away from the traditional video games yet with beautifully crafted graphics.

The free browser sports game Kicker Star takes you into a professional football club’s manger and boss who mange rookies and seasoned players to take part in the matches. You job Kicker Star is to train your character, to a seasoned player if he is a young rookie, and to a champion owner if he is a sophisticated player.

Like other video football games, you can also experience gameplay like, Contract negotiations, Reputation championships, skill system, and online scheduled matches. What is even more, you can purchase extra virtual items that support you future growth and progression. Be equipped with powerful and spellbinding equipment and conquer the whole playground court. Focus on your own style and tactics to work together with you teammates.

This upcoming browser mmo game will add some new social options like you play Facebook social games Ultimate Fan and TITLE TOWN FOOTBALL.

* Free to Play with no download required at all.

* Tens of thousands of real-world players

* Up to 1000 professional clubs and leagues

* Realistic and sophisticated online transfer and trading market where players can go for their own options.

* Revamped and Detailed match reports set player’s mind at ease without any confusion.

* Compete against other managers and bosses and show off your personalized skills.

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