Iron Marshal

Iron Marshal
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During the Second World War, a large number of generals and commanders sacrificed their lives in the battlefield. Although their bodies have turned into dust, their heroic deeds go down into history and won’t be forgotten by the world for good. If we, the ordinary people living in the modern world, were given a chance to go back to the Second World War battlefield, what it would be like? And how should we survive the war? Most people will regard it as a dream which will never come true. However, our dear friends, come and join Iron Marshal and experience the thrill and excitement of such a fantasy.

Iron Marshal is a WWII strategy game and browser-based MMORTS which is developed by HiThere, a leading game developer and operator in the world. The story takes place in the futuristic time when the players accidentally return to the battlefield of the Second World War in an attempt to re-write the unforgettable history of WWII. Its gameplay is very similar to War2 Glory, Operation Gamma 41 and WWII Rage, but the players will be greatly impressed by the great graphics, historic campaigns, period costumes,weapons and vehicles as well as an exciting battle system in this game.

In Iron Marshal, a player starts as a low-level commander of a small force of soldiers and works the way up the chain of command to become the most powerful general in this war. You can build up your own base, fight in historic campaigns and change the course of history.

There are several attractive features in this game which will keep the players coming back for more. First of all, Iron Marshal won’t pester its players for money every other minute because of its refreshing in-game money system. The upgrading equipments and training can be accomplished with resources earned in this game without spending any real money. Secondly, players can meet all of the historic figures in WWII personally, experiencing their humour, wild behaviours and approachable manners. Thirdly, the game employs an exciting custom appearance system which allows the players to make your general unique by picking his hair, facial expressions and costume at will. Fourthly, in each battle, a player can meet various commanders and learn tactics and strategies directly from them. What’s more, you can decide on your own which strategy and tactic should be employed in this battle like a real general. There are thousands of combinations and options for you to choose from in this game.

You will undoubtedly get a lot of fun from playing this game.

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