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Immortal Night
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It seems that vampire and werewolf, the arch enemies, will never leave behind their ancient feuds and are resolved to whip up a new round of conflicts and cut each other’s throats in Immortal Night, the fresh new fantasy role-play game. When the night is growing and everything is enveloped in pitch-dark, these ghostly creatures will come out of their nests and slink by to look for preys or simply seek for troubles.

Canopied in dark mysteries and creepy horrors, the game is largely about exploration, attack and gaming. Six different regions are now plagued by these blood-thirsty animals, which are prowling nearby and ready to have feasts upon your necks any time possible. However, you are not as helpless as just falling prey to them, sliver, wood cross and other magic potions will be your potent weapons to fight back and to preserve yourself.

The equipment inventory offers you basics to get by in this wild world of combats. To level yourself up in order to claim supremacy over the weak, you need to go an extra mile in your adventure and refurbish supplies in more than one marketplace. Trade is thus involved. Be shrewd and make the best bargain with your business hunch.

Sitting on the fence is not considered a good stance in the game, and you are advised to choose sides, either being a stylish vampire living in a vintage castle or a mighty wolfman who summons unstoppable power at full moon. However, the choice you made is not cut on the slate and can be changed as you see fit.

This being said, when it comes to real combats, no fixed rules apply here in immortal night. You can stir up troubles whenever you like and deal a hard blow at any one you have a problem with. Attack randomly and make waves to either intimidate your enemies or just for fun. Remember as the eternal theme in this chilly world, chaos is something never considered too much.

Apart from exotic adventures and flashy attacks, minigame is another highlight of the game. Here in Immortal Night, you don’t have to work hard for fortunes, instead, you can take your chance in gambling and, if lucky, can make yourself a millionaire overnight. Slot machines, Blackjack and French Roulette are all good place to get start with. A penny can snowball into hundreds of pounds at a blink of eyes.


As the title suggests, the game is set in murky nights, with creepy creatures lurking and may jumping at you from the corner. Thrill and horror are with you throughout the whole experience.

Explorations can take you across boundaries into territories not yet marked by human footsteps and will thus unfold possibilities that you may never anticipate.

The game is played on a massive scale and interaction among you and your fellow players are well facilitated and highly encouraged. You can form allies with friends, launch attacks together or simply play games for fun.

In a word, you have the run of the game. So just join in and make the most of what it has to offer!

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53 Comments on Immortal Night


  1. What the hell? are we talking about the same game here? immortal night is a text based mmorpg that is run by some-what experienced staff, and voluntarily moderated by obnoxious, swearing moderaters. The admins clearly favor a small group of donaters, and donaters are given a significant advantage over non donaters. also, the only vampire/werewolf related subjects are the “race” you choose, and clans. there are no pictures of either ones, unless a player voluntarily chooses to pick one as a display picture.

  2. The admin have lost the plot, you cannot say a single honest opinion unless it is in the form of suckery.

    If you have a problem they will most likely ignore you, or the wife and husband double team known as Violet and Kanine will encourage a bullying spree upon you.

    If you want to spend your hard earned real life money for a game economy going down the tubes and still not be very far along in this game go ahead. Most of the gear and items are dominated by players selling stuff for millions and the only ones that get anywhere in the game are those who pay for it and are friends with admin.

    If you voice your opinion in forums they will lock the post so no one could say anything. And you cant delete your account so they can keep high numbers to make their game look good. Do a search on the server in a few of the cities (try paris or london first)and you will see countless thousands of players below level 10 that havent logged on for a year or so. And i cant blame them

    Also leveling is a joke since even a level one can have the same stats as a lvl 100 with enough training.

    Unless you want to play socially with friends and dont care about being treated like crap i wouldnt even mess with this game with a paper bag over its head.

  3. Im not playing this game any more you have to pay real money to get ahead and then there is teams that stick together called “houses” you do your assignments witch is attack others with in your level then there higher level buddy comes pummels you then you heal your self and it happens again untill they want or you change your name and city.The admin don’t do any thing for people that don’t spend real money on this cheap and stupid game.Spend your money on some thing better any thing is better then this game.

  4. LillianFitzpatrick

    One of the easiest ways to gain gold in this game is to vote for Immortal Night on the website links provided. Do not be fooled by these votes!
    High level players will harass low level players without any consequences. If you speak up, you get harassed even more by those players and their friends. They will heal you and attack you to keep you in recovery and drain your funds for healing items. You will be harassed not only publicly in comments, but in IM’s as well. The admins really don’t care for the griefing of the lower levels. Avoid this game if you dislike drama and harassment by players far too full of themselves

  5. This is a bunch of lies if i ever heard it.

    you people need to quit saying the same thing over and over. This game is NOT that bad. I admit the paying thing is annoying, but i built myself a little bridge and stepped over it. you dont HAVE to buy the stuff. The things that cost millions are the COLLECTABLES. As in- optional., which means that you dont HAVE to get them. And this is a stratagy war game. Its fun, and the Admin are not monsters as they are called out to be. They have helped me before when i was a Neweborn. Theres the Fledgling Tips, Forums, Castle, Chat, ect. PLENTY of things to help new people. Ive been playing this game for over a month, and i still play it.
    AND LEVEL ONES GET A 30 DAY PROTECTION TO INCREASE THIER STATS. The thing is, people level up, thinking there smart to level up so fast, then they become a level 5 with 100 total stats.
    Another thing: Newborns (levels 1-5) usually get players who are innactive as Assignments.
    Try this game for yourself. I am Crimson Melody and will help you if you want to play the game, or just check it out.

  6. QuestionableEthics

    The admins in this game are not only harsh, they are actually abusive. I dont know who owns or runs this game, but the people they have left in charge of it are running it into the ground with their neo nazi tactics. They ban people for no reason from participating in the game without any justification. In my opinion, they are spoiled juveniles playing with genuine peoples hard earned money, banning people at will, without due cause or compensation. Its a farse and a money racket, avoid at all costs

  7. heres an AMAZING way to earn money on the game:
    ~The Souls and Venoms Method~
    1. On the city grid, keep going as far as you can. You’ll find a lot of humans and try to convert them. Your endurance will suffer but TRUST ME ITS WORTH IT.
    2. Extract the souls from the humans.
    3. Add them to the market. Many people overprice their souls. Selling souls for 1000-3000 dollars is a reasonable price, especially if you have a lot of souls. The better the price, the more buyers, the richer you’ll become.
    4. This method really helped me. In about two days, I had already reached $2 million with this method!
    Vampire Venoms-
    1. Save up as much gold as you can.
    2. With that gold, buy as many vampire venoms as u can.
    3. Buy an ad on Night Messenger.
    4. In the ad, write something like this (DO NOT COPY THESE EXACT WORDS. You’ll have a risk of getting reported.):
    Selling vampire venoms for 20k each. If interested, please mail me ******** [******]. Non-negotiable.
    5. Notice how I put non-negotiable. When you pick a price, STICK TO IT! $20k-30k is a reasonable price for vampire venoms. Use this method and you’ll get rich easily! But be sure to keep an eye on your gold. Going on a prowl everyday should help ^-^

  8. I do play Immortal Night a lot actusally i go on a at least once every hour to check up on it but with the admins they are very cruel people. There is something called the “Pit of Dispair”. When a player does something wrong that is against the rules of the game they will be put in there for an amount of time meaning you can only log in. they can also mail-ban and forum ban. i think it is rediculas because some players do nothing wrong in this game but yet are accused because they have been framed for something they never even did. the thing i dislike the most is that they dont give warning or any hints when you do soemthing wrong. they say only one account per computer but they never said about have the same internet use for the computers. i have had friends put in the Pit because they use the same internet and the Admins dont really care either. Nikita (1) she is a man! she has put her/him as a female when they really are a male. there is a new game called Darkness Realm that is quite similar to Immortal Night but just has better things. every time some one in Immortal Night talks about this “game” they are automaticly in the Pit of Dispair for 300 days. Add me as a friend Lady Dark Love (859357) i admit the Admins are want to take ur money. i dont use my money on here i just earn gold and money and just use that to buy my perk packs and donater packs. The admins dont really care for anybody on the game and they are losing their players everyday. the players are finding Darkness Realm and playing that instead. apprently Immortal Night has taken the Admins of Darkness Realm to court and are trying to sue them. i dont even know why but its just a game. get over it honestly.

    • Ive been playing the game for quite a while and the admins are very mean. my sister started playing the game and i helped her max her bank she got pitted for maxing out her bank in a few days. there is no rule saying you get pitted if you max your bank or if you receive help from someone. they gave her the choice of discussing the matter,and a few days pass and she hears no word why give her a choice if they werent going to hear her out i obviously talk to the admins and they completely ignore me. the game only wants to make money and obviously since they saw that a newborn max there bank so quickly without buying any packets they stop her before she gets any further in the game. because you have to pay money to make progress i reccomend to not play the game i already quitted but not before i sayed what i had to say.

      • Ok one to reply to this unknowing of the rules message, there is one that there is a rule that stats that this is not a team game, meaning you cant give them alot of money and make them rich its in the rules section, i have been with the game for over a yr and a half admins have there ways but so does everyone else i have seen many high level players get pitted they dont allow things as bad as it sounds i pay no more then 3 dollars a month thats so i can have a donator pack now if thats too much you can buy one with the money you make in the game or the gold you get 200 gold a night and its worth 6000 for 1 piece 1 soul is worth 3000 and 1 vampire venom is 48,000 i am only a level 14 but they have upto 500 level weapons now its my home game and wont leave so Nikita is a man there are alot that do that so they dont get hit on and then the other owner is violet and an admin kain for short her real life husband ya i went through the new player stage but there are newbs and noobs there is disrespect everywhere you look new and old people but all remember its a war game and if you cant thats your issue i know its harsh but its the truth there are also houses to join to help you with items the families on top of that if you are having such issues and hate it all then get out but learn live it love it.

        • Well you must know alot not there was this couple who transfer 141,000,000 dollars to there spouse and nothing happen to them and why cuz there donators the game is stupid and i could really care less if you love it sooner or later youll see the truth about the game. The admins could care less what happened to you or other players i reported a bug in the game in the pit and they told me who cares after that i didnt say a word to them then you cant really say anything in the forums cuz if the admins dont agree of what your saying in them theyll just lock it so other players wont read it and pit you. This Player name Rulz has been Pitted 4TIMES AND THEY ONLY GIVE HIM A WEEK HOW DO YOU EXPLAIN THAT. ONE HE IS A DONATOR AND HIGH LEVEL:)

      • That’s a load of BS I maxed my acciunt to over 200mil on my 2nd day playing and I was fine. I don’t know why most off you are demonizing the admins. Admine receive a lot of Mails everyday they don’t respond to everyone right away most of the time. Yes I’ll admit that “BULLYING” Is an issue in IN but it’s a war game. You’re going to get hit and sometimes hit repeatedly. If you can’t take it then you don’t have to play but all you crybaby’s piss me off.

  9. Lol. This game is absolutely ridiculous with a poor admin group and a poor moderator group. The only decent moderator they have is LDX. I had a friend show a SCREEN SHOT of a donating players harassing comments on her profile page…Nikita in her infinite wisdom stated “Tell your friend to become a donator and block them.” The person that was doing the harassing comments is STILL playing the game, and no doubt is putting out to Nikita. Nikita is a MAN that makes people believe they are female on the game.

    I would suggest the game Darkness Realm, the staff are friendly and so is the creator of the game. They CARE about all their players and it is true, Immortal Night is losing it’s players to other sites like it. Why? The admins are asshats to those that are not in their ‘favorite category’, the mods are the same way. A moderator can harass you all that you want and the Admins will actually threaten to pit YOU for saying anything negative.

    Professionalism? My foot, Nikita joined Darkness Realm as a male, for once, and was quickly banned! Immortal Night sends spies over the game all the time and those people are banned.

    Darkness Realm is a great game, so if you are unhappy with Immortal Night, play that one. I assure you, it is far better than Immortal Night.

  10. I played this game for about three weeks, and it is a lot of fun. I cannot complain about the game that way. I was having a blast.
    there were a lot of rules…which I read and understood, and thought I followed. apparently not, because the other day…during gameplay…I was isp address banned….just kicked off with no explaination or recourse. thought it was my computer acting up at first…..till after many tries to go to the websight I finally got the message, that I was isp banned…there is no way around this…you are not welcome on immortal night.

    now….I have no idea why the admins chose to do this to me….I have thought at length….and cannot think of any infractions I commited….like I said, I read the rules and understood them.

    I will give them the benifit of the doubt….and assume I did something wrong….why else would they bother? but the site could bennifit by having some kind of warning system…..there is nothing I was doing that I would not have stopped or modified to continue with the game.

    Immortal night is a fun game, it really is….go ahead and play….but I would very much advise you not to pay money for the little perk packages that help you in the game…..I did….and before I even used most of the benifits…..poof.

    so to summarize…..

    Immortal night is a fun game, in which a paying player can be isp banned, without a single word of explaination. Really wish I had kept my hundred bucks.

  11. Immortal Night is a great game, i enjoy it fully and am totally addicted, i do not donate a cent to the game yet for my age i am one of the most powerful of the Novice rank. The admins are not bad, i was pitted once when i just started because i had made an accidental spam term in the game’s forums, but i explained this to Nikita and i was freed, just stick to the rules and don’t Piss the Admins off, it is a Big game and they already have alot to do let alone deal with Rule Breakers, is it any wonder why they don’t show much patience? And don’t go to Darkness Realm, i tried it and it’s nothing but a cheap copy of Immortal Night, no bloody wonder the IN admins want to sue them lol, look it i8s your opinion, everybody has one.

    • have you tried to get back on? i’ve been playing for over a month and since midnight i haven’t been able to get on their site. maybe server problems?

  12. As I have never played a text based game before I thought I would try one. I fully regret picking this site, after 7 hrs total play time I logged out. When next I tried logging in I could not. I asked for the usual email to be sent to me to change details of logging in but have never recieved the numerous requested e-mails. I then sent staff an e-mail but to date have never recieved an answer.

    I can see no excuse for this kind of behaviour and am relieved that I only invested $15 to this site. Do yourself a favour avoid this site. Go too Darkness Realm a site that does not rip people off.

  13. i got PITTED AGAIN ugggggggggggggggggh i hate ppl thr

  14. ok yeah i offically agree with the bulk of this forum …………ImmortalNight offically sucks…i mean like really maybe its my fault for assuming that this was gong to be a beautifully realistic time animated rpg….but nooooowaaay ..i have to say…was it just me who was fooled by those pictures of it….i mean really they didnt even provide display pics for you….and i thought this game was free…why do i have to donate..i know its not mandatory…..but really now… i didnt know it was going to be like this…because if i did i wouldnt have signed up for it….i mean im not trying to knock those who do enjoy this game..i mean it has its moments….so kudos to those who actually make it past the newborn stage…as for me …well …i’ve had a bit or than i can chew!!!!!!!!!! LoL, no but serously i quit..its just not for me.

  15. I have been playing IN for a couple of weeks and I have been reading some of the previous posts. Now as for the post by Hope, the rules state that posting in forums about other games will get you in the Pit, as will having multiple accounts on the same ISP unless you request in advance and then there is no gifting or sharing between those accounts. I have enjoyed the time I’ve been on and have not had any issues with the staff or the admins.

  16. I play this game, I am addicted. BUT I do agree with every fucking one else. The mods and admin fucking suck cock..

  17. so I’ve been playing this game for over a year now and have had some fun and much more not fun….just recently I’ve been trying to use the ring donator pack which allows you to make a customized picture of a ring and have it sent to a person you would like to get married to, now me and my wife play off of the same computer and the rules of this game state that if you do play on one computer that you can’t send anything between the accounts which makes perfect sense however I had an issue with me recieving the custom wedding ring donator pack she had sent to me and I’v asked the ASSHAT Nikita 1 how to resolve the issue several times now and just recently I was told I’m not payin attention and he/she gave me a shit for an answer on what to do which didn’t make any sense what so ever and now my wife has mailed this ASSHAT because the shemale said that my wife needed to create the picture for my ring, have it approved by staff, then send it and my wife just sent the link to the ring she already had made and approved to show this fuc that there really just an asshole not giving any help whatsoever. My advice to you is that you just not play this game it’s already rulled by jerkoffs who will do nothing but be cruel to you and the staff runs the game like hitler ran germany

    • To be honest, it states in the rules that same IP is not allowed, however, you can always log in on your phone to send the damn ring. IF YOU READ THE RULES, it does state that if you wish to send a ring, you can just message the admin BEFORE SENDING IT, and they will approve of it. Asking them what to do when theyre also dealing with a bunch of idiots like you is just plain stupid. For the rings there are ways to do it, and it says how to. Stop complaining, and get over it. Its a game, and obliviously you dont know how to play it.

      As for everyone else, there is not much wrong with IN. I have been playing for a long time, my username is SnuggleBunni, and I actually have barely paid RL money in the game, mostly did it out of boredom. Join a House, Meet and talk to people. If youre going to actually post in the Forums, do it properly, and you wont get your ass handed to you.

      If you actually take the time to learn what to do, then you wont have such an issue.

  18. The game is addictive for non-social retards, fat people, losers, people with no real friends. virgins and 12 year old shitheads. The game is gay.

  19. This game is meant for those who can take things right in their faces.There”s no place for you if you mind kicking asses or ignore rude comments.
    The leveling thing is pretty much avoided by most players(who spend most of their time chatting online,which prior to some recently established rules was the ultimate destination for cyber sexing)
    The donator packs,which need to be bought with real money can also be bought with game money(gold pieces,which is quite expensive0,so i believe there need not be much grievance about donators being restricted to only a few numbers
    Talking about the admins,THE FAQ(an option available in the EXPLORE page),is very helpful for newborns as well as any other player.and there is no such thing about the friends of admins having any extra advantage
    at the end of the night,its a game,and most of the players are pretty courtious and helpful,just that they expect the same from you.

    • i cocure with you on everthing you have just said it was an amazing way to put one of the highest played games across there has to be a reason oh ya just so its known i am no admin i dont have admin friends and got a high levle pitted for race talk so please play respect get that in return and remember its a war game there is a complaint button you dont even need to talk to admins againg being over 1yr i have gone every day and will continue tp much respect to all give it a real try before you knock it.


  20. the Admins are assholes they wont let my sister report anymore or she’ll be pitted and in rule 5 it states no raping but its fun just be warned about the admins

    • um..that is the same ip transfer. When you and someone get approved to use the same ip address they tell you, you cant exchange nothing between the two of you AT ALL You cant join the same houses and i even heard you cant be married to them on the game. So yea you got pitted for breaking a rule.

  21. The admins are jerk i was pitted for the same imp transfer when first of all i didnt transfer anything though my husband got items from this other player then he sended it to me the admins got suspicious and pitted me i explained i could prove my innocense just by sending a item to the jerk who cause all this but they ignore me saying no exceptions. one when i get out of the pit im going to send a item to that jerk then go straight to the admins show them that i didnt have the same imp and im going to demand a apology cuz it wasnt a fair trial and then im going to post this in every website so everyone can see how the admins abuse there power. They dont even follow there own rules Like no swearing. Nikita told me enough BULLSHIT but they have nothing to worry about its not like anyone can pit them and i bet they break even more rules,and on top of that they dont help anyone here is what i mean my friend is a non donator and was asking for help from the admins and they told him to figure it out by himself and then i come i was donator then i ask for help and i was talking about donating to get boxes of gold pieces right away they say if you need any help at all dont hesitate to ask k :) THIS CAME IS WASTE THATS WHY I TELL YOU ALL TO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME ON THIS GAME IS A WASTE OF YOUR TIME AND MONEY.

  22. OHH almost forgot the only reason they have a 7.0 out of 10 is because they trick players by voting for immortal night for free gold is the only reason why they have 7.0 they havent really deserve it and on top of that there are like thousands of players who are pitted and in the login page theyre like there are this many people with files and this many login they make you believe like if so many people are playing the game while in reality everyone is preety much pitted or dont play the game anymore the only ones who play are the players who only chat with others or the hardcore players who donate tons and harrassed other players but the admins are not much of a big help cuz my friend told them about a player harrassing them and they told him to deal with it thats its a war game. Now my friend is a big donator and he even starts getting help from the admins now. now they defend him he has 665 donator days and 50 perck pack days coincidence i dont think so.

    • First of all..i do kinda agree with you on that about the admin. But *shakes head* No. Alot of people claim to be harassed cause they were hit once then by another person. They have a harassment rule against hitting a player only 6 times online and much as you want off. So next time your friend should read the rules, and the reason they may be helping him now (which i find hard to believe he has 600 somthing donator days thats ridiculous.) is probably because he is finally getting harassed in their eyes. They can pull up all messages, attacks to you from you, anything you ever did on the game.

  23. To be honest i have been on Immortal Night for a long time. And yes they have their ups and downs and i realized that it is hard for newer players out there nowadays. As far as admin attacking players or sending out hits, that my friend is a well thought up lie. They dont, now there are ALOT of bullies on the game yes..but come on people what do you expect? They have no life and spend massive amounts of money on the game so bullying is the only way they can make up for it. As far as the game goes its a great game. If you want any thing from admin go to Kanine. If your getting bullied Join a house. And non donators are just as strong as donators btw. Also before i finish alot of you people who did leave comments ibet your one of those millions of accounts that never played past their third day cause the donator option was gone. So next time stay a little longer and see how it really is, instead of leaving cause something small pissed you off on a War Based Game. *laughs*

  24. Dark queen wolfwarrior34

    If anyone needs advice or help ask me I am dark queen wolfwarrior34 and my friends wildvampirechic27, the warrior of khaos bleeds or wolf of darkness. This is my sisters and friends in real life.
    Do u need a display pic? I can u need a new name? Can’t think of ideas, ask me….need a new tag and need a opinon ask me!!! And on darkness realms I am wolfwarrior34

  25. Yeah, what I’m about to say has been said by everyone else but I’m still gonna say it, soooo. I’ve been playing ImmortalNight for over a year now, and have made very good friendships and acquaintances, the game is addicting, I’ll tell ya, but everyday I log on I have the urge to quit. The Admins don’t know how to run the site correctly, they are RUDE to the game’s players, and yeah, I myself have noticed how they favorite certain groups of people. Same with the Mods. I am a chat person, I RolePlay, that’s one of the very few reasons I come to chat. The mods? They sit in the lounge, talking to their favorites or otherwise known as the “Loungers” Yeah, sometimes they poke through the channels and see what’s up, but other times? No, they just sit on their lazy ass and watch as people break the rules and don’t do shit. Arian being the most worse. LDX was the only really good mod, shame he’s gone. And the game’s rules? Total BULL. Friends and I have all been kicked from chat for just voicing our opinions, kind of like how a person posts something in the forums and it is locked so people don’t start talking and agreeing and taking a stand. My own boyfriend was pitted due to maxing his bank ‘too quickly’ like fuck, really? >> And another thing. I’ve seen people harassing others through mail and comments, and not being able to block them. When the people reported it to an admin, their response? Become a Donator and block them. That’s, civil. Lmao -Note the sarcasm.- The high ranking people in the game diss the lower ones, same with the Loungers dissing the RP’ers. The site has gone to shit, and something should be done about it. And the Mods have shitty grammar that’s hard to read, btw.

    Love, People that are fed up with IN’s bullshit.

  26. uuummm just to throw this out there to all you people going on how voting gives you free gold…. and that’s how they get there ranking or whatever….you don’t need to vote to get free gold. You simply have to click on the links to receive it. I get the gold everyday! I have never voted!

    Also to maxing your bank quickly and getting pitted… its an automatic security… the system pits you… admin sort it out usually in a view days

    Mods sit in the main chat room because where do new players go when they start the game? you guessed it main chat!

    My game = pummel be pummeled and work the markets and auctions.

    you don’t need to donate to get ahead in the game. I make 3k gold per day and that gold goes to VV training…To play IN you need to not be an idiot. All this donators this and that… lets not forger IN’s biggest donators who were pitted geist or gaz and teddy…their CC didn’t stop them from going to the pit now did it.

    Its a war game. Expect to be beaten up… expect to beat other ppl up. If getting beaten up on an online war game hurts your e-feelings well maybe you should seek immortal hugs! A game where all the whiners can hold hands and sing kubaya after an afternoon of making macaroni pictures and finger painting.

  27. Everyone dissing this game are spot on! The admin are idiots who give game supplys to their friends that you have to pay for. The staff are psycho shut ins with a beef against the world In the 2 years I wasted on this turd we got nearly daily excuses for the amazing lag that is always there and amazing for such a pathetic text based game with backgrounds drawn by a 3rd grader. Of all the games ive played ive never seen one that compares to the waste of time this one is AVOID AT ALL COSTS!

  28. I play IN all the time. I have been for over a year. Nikita is rude I’ll give you that, but its a free game? Why are you guys complaining? You don’t have to buy anything with rl money. Yes things are expensive in game- but its fake money?! Again with the pitting? Clearly you haven’t read the rules. This is not a team game, you aren’t supposed to help ppl build their banks by giving them loads of money. IN also isn’t the place to talk about other games. This shit is real simple. If you want to discuss things that aren’t allowed make an email account off game- duh. The moderators- most are volunteers, so if they are mean level up and see about applying to be a mod to change it. If people weren’t so damn whiny and listened to the rules there would be no reason for them nor the pit to exist. I’m not talking on behalf of the admins, I’m just speaking in general terms.

  29. well said, i agree with all that. i for one never been pitted.

  30. Alright I just read through most of this and I feel the need to post. I’m just finding this now so I don’t know if I’ll get a response from some of you but we’ll see. I’m going to do a general post then go and reply to some of the others individually.
    I’ve been playing Immortal Night for almost 3 and 1/2 months now. I’ve never been pitted and within that time I’ve leveled past several of my friends who have been playing longer than me. They spent a lot of time in chat, which is fine, but I’m more of a loner. So, to address some of this on this page. Yes, Admin has short tempers sometimes, but You have to figure in that they give newborns an in-depth playing guide that all they have to do is read and they will know how to play the game. Yet most new players don’t read the guide and then comment and/or mail them saying ‘I Don’t know how to play!’ Then when they respond with ‘Go to the castle and read the guide then if you have any questions come back and ask.’ they are seen as these terrible people because they want to make the newborns read. -gasp- How dare they! I think one can understand that they tend to have short fuses when it comes to rules being violated and yet they have laid out the rules so clearly. Also, the castle stays with you until level 10, and to be honest by then you should know how to play.
    Also, I’m seeing a lot of people posting on here saying that Admin was mean and singling them out or whatever and then they proceed to admit that they broke a rule. Really??? Yes there are a lot of rules but if you obey them you won’t get pitted. Trust me Admin has too much to deal with to be singling out anyone.
    I have a question for all of those who are complaining about someone harassing or bullying them. Why did you join a war game? I mean obviously there are going to be a few who will take it WAY to seriously but just level up and give them a taste of their own medicine. I know that it is a roleplay site but it is a WAR roleplay site. We aren’t going to be dancing around with rainbows and butterflies. Also, a lot of people who have overstepped the boundaries on this sort of thing have been pitted. However, as long as they stay within the limits that admin sets they won’t be. Also, for all of those saying ‘oh, the Admin tell those being harassed ‘to become a donator and block them.’ isn’t that terrible? See they are just in it for the money!’ I laugh at this! You see I have been classified as a donator for the last oh, two and 1/2 months, and I haven’t spent a dime of real money. I haven’t spent any real money on this game yet. The items for game money are expensive but these are from players who can afford in real life to buy the items and give other players the opportunity to have these things. Plus I make a lot of game money everyday. Sometimes 6 mil. All you have to learn to do is play the game. Besides, they have to keep some incentives to buy the donator packs because they only have a few perks and they do need people to buy things as they have expenses to pay for and handing out freebies to everyone would just make the site go bankrupt. Yes the blocking feature would be a freebie and Admin can’t just pit them unless site rules are broken.
    Also, to all those complaining about maxing out their bank too early and asking how that is possible..I have been playing for, like I said, almost 3 and 1/2 months now and I still haven’t maxed my account because of all the things that I need to get IN GAME to progress and one of those things are Donator packs. $3 donator pack costs about $19,000,000 in game and like I said I make sometimes about 6 mil a day. So it really isn’t as bad as everyone else is trying to make it out to be.
    Alright that’s all for my general posts now to go back and properly address some of the other posts. My account on Immortal Night is Brooklyn Raine [1892327] please message me or comment on my profile if you play and need help. :)

  31. Immortal Night is a ery fun and amusing game, through my eyes anyway. It’s challenging which makes it fun and the rules are simple, however, not everyone follows them. I’ve seen players being bullied by other players, and no one does anything about it. Seriously like wtf? Theres a common sence rule..and no one seems to follow that one, CYBER BULLYING should be part of that. People have taken their own lives from being a victim of cyber bullying. And not to point the finger but one admin [1] couldn’t care less as long as shes getting money from the donators theres no problem for her.

  32. Immortal Night is a terrific game. My only advice would be to NOT break any rules-even if your a donator-they will pit you and that includes if somones starts sending you their inventory-DO NOT ACCEPT and notify admins as soon as it happens cause you will be pitted like me-My only complaint was that I didn’t feel like i was treated very nicely-A simply “We appreciate your business but we must abide by the rules. We look forward to you returning to the game” I mean I spend so much money that a little respect would have been nice since I have been more than polite AND generous. I wouldn’t keep the attitudes of the admin away from playing the game just be very careful about the rules.

  33. as a member of that game thats what i thought this was about as well

  34. From now on, daily 50 euros for free! Now it’s easier than ever to win with Betathome – 50 euros could be yours, just by logging on every day!

  35. The main complaint here is having to donate money for packs. You dont have to pay at all! There are player shops you can buy donator packs from with in game money that’s not real life money at all! Yes, the admins can be harsh, but that’s because they deal with idiots. Is it unfair? At times. But only until you wise up and see that no game is completely even on its playing field. And if someone doesn’t level, it’s called strategy! If you don’t like it, don’t do it! The main reason pot times vary is because some people do worse things than others. And there is a “psychic” link in game you type in questions to and they mail you the answers. You don’t need to big admin.
    Summery: No money required, easy to understand, follow the rules and it’ll be a good game.
    P.S. I’m Lone Alpha in game, feel free to talk to me, I can help dispel some of these stupid rumors. ;P
    Love, L.A.

  36. You all talk alot of shit , no wonder you cant get along in the game.So you are the problem not the game. Its just a game so Play it like one.And leave the drama for ya mamma!

  37. This games Administrators and Staff are biased and only look for one thing and that’s cash.

    There are several issues with the game in itself here is a list of those issues.

    1.Sex Offenders on the game that Administrators know about and will not do anything about.

    2.Big donators able to break game rules without any recourse or warnings.

    3.If you do not donate you are treated as if you do not matter.

    4.If you have an issue with staff and do as they ask you to do and bring it to an Administrator they brush you off with a reason of they are doing what the Administrators ask them to do.

    5.If you go against something that they call rule breaking and point out the biased ways of staff and Administrators then you are threatened with Pit time.

    6.If you have a legitimate complaint and bring it fourth you are told that you could be removed from the game if it involves any kind of wrong doing by the Administrators because they feel you are going to sue them.

    7.When proof is given in the form of forums, mails or comments the Admin quickly delete anything that a big donator does to ensure that there is no proof for your case so I suggest copy pasting everything anyone does and or Screenshot it.

    In short if you wish to play with sex offenders cheaters and biased staff that do not care what goes on as long as they get their all mighty dollar by all means join Immortal Night.


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