Exoplanet War

Exoplanet War
  • Release Date:  2011
  • Publisher:  
  • Developer:  Targa Games Limited.
  • Genre:  
  • Rating Score

ExoPlanet War is free to play  browser-based MMORTS set in the futuristic universe where you can build your military base in the vast expanse of space.

In Exoplanet War, you start off with a small, non-developed base colony on the Planet Xenos. Use your unique strategy, diplomacy, and wisdom to strengthen your colony and compete against your opponents. Fight for Honor, Total Domination, and become the most feared Alliance now!

Game Features

o Play with worldwide users – There are thousands of players from everywhere in the world. Build your armies and battle with them to become the TOP ranked player and alliance.

o Develop – Build up your own space colony with unique structures.

o Research – Various technologies are available for researching to improve the space colony and military performance.

o Battle – Live to rule, elevate the action, and achieve TOTAL DOMINATION. Take down all the enemies standing in your way to conquer Plane Xenos.

o Units – 30+ different units, categorized in Infantries, Air Forces and Vehicles, can be developed in game. You can form your unique armies to rob resources, invade colonies, and rule the planet.

o Commander – Commanders boost morale as well as the overall fighting power of the army. Train them up and assign them to armies to strengthen your military force.

o Missions – Challenging missions which comes with special bonus and resources rewards are available every day.

o Alliance – Form your own alliance or join a powerful one that will certainly bring you more enjoyment. The completely new Alliance Store System makes player’s contribution to the alliance worthwhile. Leaders can reward special exclusive items to contributive players.

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5 Comments on Exoplanet War


  1. I played this game after reading a review on this site. I payed for an account upgrade. They didn’t make it readily apparent that it is a recurring payment. You have to use paypal and I couldnt get the recurring payment canceled there. So now I have to dispute the purchase with paypal. Watch out for these guys!

  2. I played this game from the beginning and was in the top 10 but now I quit this game, because there are a lot of cheater and the support didn’t do anything to stop them.

    • I have also played this game, but can NOT recommend it to anyone for the same reasons. Too much cheating going on and Support is almost nonexistant and very rarely even respond to Support requests.

  3. I played this game from the beginning too. Left it recently, there are more bugs than ameliorations. The developpers are all but not professionals, probably some guys who has some notions of programming. Too bad cause the concept is cool, but the realization is poor. I can only recommend u NOT to start loosing your time there.

  4. Full of bugs, zero communication from the dev team, changing basic rules each 2 weeks, trying to sell more and more things (for real money), a game to avoid.


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