Dungeon Empires

Dungeon Empires
  • Release Date:  2011
  • Publisher:  
  • Developer:  gamigo AG
  • Genre:  
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Build your own dungeon and plunder those of other players in Dungeon Empires…

Dungeon Empires is a free-to-play 3D-browser game, with a unique blend of vast dungeon-building features and intense turn-based battles. The life of a dungeon master is tough: rooms and traps must be placed wisely and monsters should be kept well-trained. Treasure seekers venturing into your dungeon must not make it out alive! The more foes fall, the more famous your dungeon becomes. The more dungeons you plunder, the more items you will get to make your own even more deadly.

Patrick Streppel, Executive Board Member at gamigo, said this: “For years players have been waiting for the chance to take on the role of the dungeon master. We’ve put a lot of thought into how to make that game concept even more diversified and exciting. Dungeon Empires is our answer. We’ve also found an experienced developer to realize that vision in Limbic Entertainment.”

In the game, players try to build as challenging a dungeon as possible. Important for that are the many nasty monsters (including zombies, ghouls, golems and dragons) that inhabit the dungeon and can be trained. Only happy creatures fight with all their might, though.

There’s plenty of room for creativity when it comes to configuration of the dungeons rooms: there are different textures and decorations as well as the possibility to add an elemental, to name a few. If enemy heroes fall trying to plunder the dungeon, they drop lots of loot for the dungeon master to collect.

The player can also set out with his own hero to plunder enemy dungeons. Winding vaults – created by the community – are waiting to be explored and enemy treasure keepers are waiting to be fought in turn-based combat. In order to be ready for the ever-increasing challenges, heroes earn experience and gain improved skills and equipment over the course of the game.

Only those who plunder enemy dungeons will receive new monsters, rooms and items for their own chamber of terror. The clever connection between the two gameplay modes keeps motivation high.

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5 Comments on Dungeon Empires


  1. This game is horribly buggy right now. No support from the staff either. When a bug makes something you paid real money for disappear in the dungeon, nothing gets done. Game staff simply say things like “oh it might show up later again” and wave you off casually.

    Cash shop is way too expensive as of the time of the post. Also 90% of the fights require just spamming standard attack, so combat is really boring right now. The turn based combat system is dull and nowhere close to what Atlantica or other available turn based games offer.

    • what rock did you crawl out of? , This game is clearly superior to Atlantica, Atlanctica is just the same as a 1000 others out there! in other words they are worth a dime a dozen as far as Im concerned, (played one of them you played them all) then one the other hand you have a unique game come out, still new and has a right to have flaws at this time( as any game does when beginning) and you got people like you who try to convince the public how srry it is! well NO I dont think so, dont noone listen to this expert. play it till lvl 10 if you are not hooked, you always got Atlantica LOL.

  2. This game is like, dead now. They did one last big sale and now all GMs have disappeared.

  3. you can’t even get into this game because it says it’s coming soon, but you can’t download it and play it anywhere!!! stop advertising the game if it isn’t fucking available!!!


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