Drakensang Online

Drakensang Online
  • Release Date:  2011
  • Publisher:  Bigpoint
  • Developer:  
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Experience the epic role-playing yet multiplayer online version The Dark Eye: Drakensang by German-based studios; hunt for treasure and dropped items, craft your equipment and upgrade your heroes and characters; The adventurers crawl through the musty dungeon using flickering torches. The journey through the world of Drakensang continues … yet Online!

Drakensang Online is an epic role-playing online game, which is being developed by the former development studio Radon Labs (now part of Berlin-based Bigpoint) and the game was first produced in 2008. Especially targeted for German-speaking countries, the game was a big success and even it was awarded with “Best German Game 2008″ and “Best Youth Games”. As a traditional boxed title, the series of Drakensang was highly anticipated once the press release was published yesterday. The game will be first available for German by bigpoint with many new features and improvements.

Compared to Bigpoint’s other Unity 3D browser MMOs Battlestar Galactica Online, Mummy Online, Drakensang Online looks more spectacular than the PC title, which is worth a Triple-A browser game in the world.

Graphically, The Hack and slash role-playing game Drakensang Online is crafted in an extremely detailed manner, offering light and shadow, shimmering and reflective surfaces, spectacular water and fire effects, as well an delicately detailed texture.

At first glance, you might be reminded of the pc title Diablo 2 or even the upcoming action RPG Diablo 3. Of course, Drakensang Online offers innovative hack and slash, diablo gameplay and even you will experience both of  feels in nox mortis and Mummy Online. Slay monsters, venture through dungeons, and team to play, all possible in t Drakensang Online.

all MMORPGs actually are hack & slash games and the classic RPG delivers nice stories and quality graphics, yet the Drakensang Online is not a RPG though.

Drakensang Online is set in a visually stunning fantasy world. Many challenges in underground vaults just are waiting for you. Thanks to a multitude of unique skills you are able to strike down even the strongest bosses.

According to PcGames.de, the browser MMORPG,3 D action browser game Drakensang Online is now developed using Nebula 3 Engine which enables high-end graphics in the browser, offering multiplayer and co-op mode.

Gameplay, The Dark Eye and updates

In contrast to the PC series The Dark Eye, Drakensang online delivers you a completely new game world with unknown enemies and competitors, as well with a new storyline, new landscapes and territories. Of course, Drakensang Online, like all other Bigpoint Games, is completely free to play with the item shop support. In shopping mall, you can buy thousands of items, weapons and armor to enhance your adventure.quickly.

Drakensang Online was developed by Radon Labs, the makers of the famous Drakensang-series and is to be officially presented by Publisher Bigpoint in the first half of 2011.

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22 Comments on Drakensang Online



  2. I played this game for a long time in open beta. Verdict: 0/10. DO NOT PLAY. Anyone that thinks otherwise is definitely paid off. This game is a good example of pure greed. You have to pay real money currency for every single basic necessity: IDENTIFYING ITEMS, USING SKILLS, USING A TOWN PORTAL, UPGRADING WEAPONS, EVERYTHING.

    The game itself is also very poor. Graphics aren’t that great, quest design is the absolute laziest thing I have ever seen. Monsters recycled. Very very very grindy.

  3. I really like to see you make a better game.
    at least show some best browser game, link to some

  4. Well, your main problem with the game is that you (you say “have to” but thats incorrect) can pay for virtual currency.

    At this point i would also like to add that while it is possible to buy most things with the currency if you dont squander it than its supply is fairly well stocked, I myself have only been playing the game for a few days, and im level 21, with around 600 of the virtual currency, nor have I purchased anything unneccersary, the virtual currency is there to make the game easy, in no way does it force you to buy it. yes you could buy the currency and buy everything you possibly could ever need, but where would the fun be in that?

    its possible to buy the currency, however, you are misinformed or just plain wrong if you need to do this to play the game, as the mobs throughout the game drop the currency your talking about

    lets see shall we;
    “Identifying items” this is done by using an in-game item which is dropped from monsters in the game, however, I will concede that it is possible to buy this item with the virtual currency, the same currency which also drops from monsters.
    “Using Skills” no… im sorry but your just plain wrong here, skills use essences to be used, at their max level, you can however use the basic skills without using the essences, i would also like to add that these essences drop from monsters
    “Using a Town Portal” i myself have never used a portal so i am unable to comment, likely you are right, because you can walk everywhere, no one is forcing you to use a portal… your paying for the easy way out… you dont have too
    “Upgrading Weapons” this does cost the virtual currency, but all you are doing is upgrading a weapon, you can quite easily go to a dungeon, kill a boss and get maybe a better weapon… you know… like most mmo’s out there, all drakensang do is offer a service to gamers that cant quite hack it
    “Everything.” ? really, walking costs virtual currency? talking to npcs? killing monsters? your wrong on so many ways here, its not even amusing, sorry child, maybe you should go back and play wow, as thats the easiest mmo out there at the moment, firelands is a joke, and deathwing being released after only 1 other raid (firelands) is released… 7 bosses between cata release and the final patch… no wonder the numbers are declining… sorry i seem to of got a little off track. but yes, as i was saying, your wrong on this point as well.

    now onto your other points;
    “the game itself is very poor” the game itself is completely free… its hard to argue this point as its just an opinion, but atleast you go into detail
    “Graphics arent that great” well there a damn site better than wow, the most popular mmo ever, tbh, if you read the report on this page it specifically states how good the graphics are, especially for a web browser based game, and the similaritys between diablo II and drakensang are amazing, and like Hebert said, I really like to see you make a better game” most game companys are making only slightly better looking games, games that you have to buy, and have to install on your computer, where as i said before, web browsers based games are generally never as good as drakensang
    “quest design” is almost a direct copy of wow… and that seems to of done ok for them…. kill so many of these, fetch me this, talk to him over there… yes its been done before, but if you have a method that works, why spoil it?
    “monsters recycled” lmfao your kidding right? i hate to keep bringing this up, but wow recycle monsters like its saving the world by doing so… you cant expect a game, thats not taking up gigabytes of storage space to not recycle monsters… do you have any idea what that would do to your browser? next you will complaining drakensang isnt in 3D
    “very very very grindy” wow, 3 verys, so i know your serious, however, what would you do to sort out the grindy-ness i cant give any suggestions, as i found that i only had to grind one level so far, where as in other games ive been killing the same mobs for atleast 5 levels.

    the one thing i would like to add though, is that there is no true endgame for this game as far as i can see, i like open-ended games as much as the next person… but a raid type dungeon would be excellent, also a healer class… as people love healers

    other than that… its been a brilliant game so far, i had recently quite wow, after killing ragnaros the second week since firelands was released, and then killing most boss’s on heroic, getting to 2300 rating in arena… wow just felt too easy… those who like a lil challange might want to try this game, its got an easy learning curve so dont give up when you think oh this is too easy… it gets much harder.

    at the moment i see this game as atleast a top 3 contender for a browser based game

    and likely people will say that i was paid to say this, but in truth i was just plain annoyed at “Anonymous” for getting near everything wrong about this game… but there you have it

    oh one last thing, have you ever played an open beta on any other mmo? this one is is nicely polished compared to the other open betas ive played

    • I’ll admit its a bit grindy and there are a few minor glitches at the moment, but its a beta. a free beta. a free beta with pretty decent graphics. you’re not required to buy anything if you aren’t lazy. mosters will drop everything you need including the currency used for essance (takes like half an hour to get a 3 stack of ess restores). there’s not much to complain about aside from a lack of direction so far (for me at least as a non-quest type)

      • thepancakenahn =}

        best beta Ive ever played tbh, better than some actual p2p games Ive played… and fiiiiiiiiiiiine the quest desing sucks… but actually I wouldnt mind losing the number of fingers = to the number of mmo’s Ive played w/ good quest desing. 100% so far btw and I get abt 2k of the virtual currency u talk abt like every 2 days, and honestly Im quite busy I have a full time job and Im studying medicine ^^. names on top for those who’ve seen me around. thanks & bye ;)

  5. The game is great actually. The only draw back that I encounter here is that you cannot delete your character in order to restart from the beginning again. second, you cannot add another character on the same server without changing email. thirdly, there are no storage available where you can put away your hoarded items. I wish that they can provide these things in the game just like in RAN Online, MU, Talisman & Bounty Hounds, it would come very handy in the game.

    • I have only 2 issues, and these are that you see a stutter when walking. When I walk sometimes the screen throws my guy back and forth like a rag doll for a sec or 2. The other is that a lot of times i click to attack and my guy just walks around the monster as if it doesnt think that I am serious. :) Other than that I love the game.

    • Oh im sorry, I do have another grype. LOL when I went into a pvp arena play as lvl 11 I was attacked by 3 guys at once. That wouldnt have been a big deal, but I looked around and it was really 3 against 1. The objest was to get as many kills as possible. I didnt have a chance and it did pi$$ me off a bit :) . Oh well. It is a free game and you can just not do the pvp feature.

    • thepancakenahn =}

      cant delete but if u change the server u can play a dif one btw.

  6. storage is my main complaint, but I just make trips back to town, as far as premium items…spending $ have not done so yet and am level 30, have had to grind a lot to identify items, but if u didn’t have to, impatient peeps wouldn’t spend $

    • thepancakenahn =}

      storage is RLY small actually, but I rarely have a lot to fill it with too tho so no big prob. and yeah to identify items u have to grind some……………. if u identify every single thing u find… just dont ;)

  7. I like the game but I do agree that it is greedy, all good items and more inventory to be bought real cash. Oh and items that break after #uses, no vault that I seen if their is one. And just to today notice what seem to be class favoring. I’m warrior type and I was playing I a group with one guy archer type and both the same level I think 8. It seems as if he was stronger then me, he was one hit witches, slime creature, gnomes all lvl 8 to 10.

    • thepancakenahn =}

      fine they r greedy… they even sell the exp so………. well yeah. but u dont HAVE TO buy it u can just play the game u know, think thats the idea, but idk.

  8. Can’t complain. As far as character development games go, this one’s not bad. Having to partake in battles and sustain damage while trying to advance in levels and obtain items and money is true to the spirit of role playing games. Anonymous needs to make use of a blacksmith to keep his armor and weapons combat ready. I think it’s great that my ranger does’nt have to worry about running out of arrows ! The main problem I have is that I can’t seem to pause the game. What if I got to use the can?

  9. michael sry to say this but it only does that because ur computer lags. when mine has a lag spike my character goes back and forth for a few secs. also the pvp thing. u joined a team death match. u were matched with other ppl who signed up for a tdm. but when u were prompted to join the game. u clicked accept and u went into the game. the ppl u were matched with changed their minds or whatever so the declined therefore u were the only person to join the game. and anonymous DK’s are the strongest class out there. u have to be pretty good to get used to their unique rage style. not like concentration on rangers and mana and SW’s. honestly though rangers do have strong attacks. he could have had essence. not sure if there is ess at that level. dont remem. also he probably had better weapons and armor. if he had something like improved bow or whatever it gives him extra things. like ex: +4 damage or sumthing. his armor can give him critical hit and rangers offhand can do te same. try getting good armor. heres a tip dont ID legendaries or extraordinaries when too low of a level. cuz when u level up they will suck. for legendaries wait till ‘endgame’ or level 40. and for extraodinaries u should be a little above level 20. also if u didnt know: weapons are color coded. higher the level different color. also things like ‘improved’(green), ‘magic’(blue), ‘extraordinary’(purple) , ‘legendary’(yellow-ish orange (lets just say gold), and ‘unique’(gold with an outline around it) change the color of ur weapons, armor, offhand. etc. so u can always tell if a person has good armor. (unless they dye’d it) im a SW a level 28 atm but havent tried to level up because im doing pvp. my goal is to get maxed fame level before level 29 and be able to beat my level 29 DK friend. or at least stand a chance. i dont use ess ever, on pvp or npc killing. only when i want to hit very high on a boss. like ex: destruction ray, critical, and essence of combat i hit about 1300. so thats what i do. then i remove ess and wait for reload. if u need anything pm me :D ‘Theinfamous’ <– ingame name, on syfy.com. idk why syfy and the original drakensang.com are not linked :(


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