• Release Date:  2010/10
  • Publisher:  Aeria Games
  • Developer:  The 7TH Rd (China)
  • Genre:  Shooter, Casual
  • Rating Score

Check it out, “Donald Duck” is sinking its head again into the water. But don’t start to blame his nephews, because it’s not one of their pranks anyway. The truth is, “Donald Duck” has wagered a war and is up for some serious underwater damage this time. Submerge into the turbulence, and you will see what a cruel battle our mettlesome protagonist is in right now!

Well, Got to admit when you catch the sight of the “Donald”, it is not gonna be the goofy big-mouth duck as expected, but instead something of a colossal black box with a radar device on its head. Yup, you got it. It’s not “Donald the Duck”, but “Donald the Tank” that now gets all of us into hot water.

DDTank (弹弹堂), is a 2D Chinese browser-based MMO game, which was previously published on Friendster under the title of Boomz, and BoomZ Hall. The game is also availale at mmog.asia.

DDTank, more well-known by its nickname as Donald Duck Tank is a legendary piece of WWⅡ military invention, which, after such a long time of going rusty in the arsenal, has somehow managed to roar back into life again and is all ready to dive into water for new military tasks against anyone you deem as a possible threat.

All this hostility is, anyway, whipped up by Aeria Games, who arbitrarily marks off a combat zone on the browser and then leave the population there to brawl with each other for survival and even dominance. That’s where DDTank comes to play the role. “Donald Duck” is gonna have a really wild bombing out there, just make sure it has a face-lift and more power added before plunging into the war.

Doesn’t matter if your old chum crackles to a halt or suddenly run out of cannonballs during an intense fire-cross, cause you definitely have a larger armory than this. Anything, be it a frying pan, a toilet plunger, or even a rotten watermelon, makes an awesome weapon here and can help you get off the hook.

If the “Donald Duck” ever feels lonely with all the bombing and fighting, go out there and find it some war-time romance. All “She” DDtanks here are gorgeous-looking and can make a cute couple with your buddy. So just have your pick and the next thing you know, they already march out into the battlefield side by side!


The browser game or online shooter DDTank makes warfare a much easier and funny thing to gamers, and thus allow them to fight with a lighter heart than ever did in other weaponry-themed titles.

Graphic looks nice, characters all got their own style, and the tank-fight per se is hilarious enough. Suffice to say that DDTank will offer players an exciting and yet fully relaxing gaming experience.

There is even this interesting dating system, which will only make your virtual journey here much more sweet and memorable.

Listen up, out there, your “Donald Duck” is quacking again for another round of bombing frenzy. Let it get its way, will you?


New DDTank Features will be Featured

Romantic Spa

Have a vacation from the fight! The Spa is a good place to share your time and stories with friends. During the time of opening the spa will only cost gold. Every room is available to share with room between 1 to 10 players. Plus, your EXP will continue to grow while you’re in the Spa room. Spa time is limited to only 1 hour a day per player.

New Mythology — Heroes to defeat – Cthulhu

A new side task is the third option in the boatyard – Cthulhu. It includes 6 levels and a 4 member limit. The task has three difficulty levels: normal, difficult, and heroic. The higher the level is, the harder it is to accomplish the task, but the rewards become more valuable.

New Era of Armory

The dream of every player is to have +9 weapons, especially now that the Boss is much stronger than ever before. DDTank warriors are in need of much more powerful weapons.

With the new version, we’ve upgraded the armory. And now, the weapon can be leveled up to +12, and also have awesome new powers and cool designs. Now all the warriors have a chance to defeat the enemies. Try them all out!

Treasure Chest

Now all players get treasure chests, newbies and regulars alike.

The chest system is activated after the player has leveled up to 4 and will disappear when the character reaches level 20. The value and the quality of the gifts will grow with the level of the character.

Not only is the newbie chest helpful, but the online treasure chest is also a good friend to every player. As long as you stay in the game, you can receive the gifts. Players will see a treasure chest icon with the timer counting down. Whenever the clock hits zero, the player can receive more gifts and prizes.

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51 Comments on DDTank


  1. Do you have no freaking scrupels? They’ve used the name of a major animated character in their title, then they have an angeling, a poporing, a marin, a poring with an apple and a bunny band, and an effing drops in their picture.

    What else did you steal from Gravity? Should I expect to login and see a freaking Phreeoni walking around.

    Chinese game developers are such a problem. Do nothing but steal IP content from other folks and try to profit from it.

  2. Just so you know rico, DD Tanks (donald tuck tanks) are an actual military tank. These are called DD Tanks because they are amphibious tanks (meaning they can travel in and on water). They floated an came with a propeller. The military nicknamed them Donald Ducks for this reason. They were used on D-day in WWII. So this game didnt actually steal the name from disney.

  3. este jogo e muito bom errado são os equipamentos ispirarem e os valores absurdos das pesas de repozição

  4. In all honesty, DD Tanks seems nothing like the other games; I actually like its graphics and gameplay!

    Does anyone know if it’s just in Beta at the moment? According to my friend, it’s in trial at the moment, hence the expiring items and such…

  5. its like gunbound.

  6. I lost 3 times to play DDTank!

  7. i lose 1000 time in ddtank

  8. i just wanna know how to get ddcoins by cheating

  9. heheh whats the real cheats there

  10. how do u get cheats for ddtank on leveling up and getting coin/ i wanna know

  11. I dunno if this helps other players, but I recently found a good blog on DDTank aiming tactics on brimple

    You can google “ddtank aiming guide brimple” or check this link ^^

  12. danny kristiawan

    there is a way to fight in the league??

  13. lol not really much

  14. ddtank
    renan jolne
    transformice !

  15. is there nay cheats here?

  16. hahaha copy cheats

  17. david militar

  18. is there a cheat to unbound the bound things? ……… please reply

  19. and how to cheat coins??

  20. pno cheat po?

  21. i need aa or coins….im in server 4..name of my charactrer…xxNEILxx

  22. i want a cheattt

  23. my name there is PrInCeVrIx098

  24. i am lvl 8

  25. e mesmo eles eta no 0

  26. walang kwenta

  27. How To Find Legendary Coins ?

  28. hey i have AA but i dont have coins plsssss give m coins

  29. how to unbound item plss teach me

  30. i love it and try it now you will love it to :)

  31. U are wrong. China made this originally and made rights so that anyone can copy their game. English people stole our game.

  32. i need 9000 coins and 200 medals and 100 enegry stone 5 i am in sever 3

  33. i need 9000 coins and 200 medals and 100 enegry stone 5 i am in server 3

  34. panu cheat??

  35. how can i cheat to get coins

  36. Demetrius Cheeks

    One other issue issue is that video games are normally serious anyway with the primary focus on understanding rather than amusement. Although, it has an entertainment feature to keep your kids engaged, each and every game is usually designed to improve a specific skill set or program, such as numbers or research. Thanks for your write-up.

  37. plsss!! give a 90000coins and 200medals ang 20pcs ES5..


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