Chronicles of Merlin

Chronicles of Merlin
  • Release Date:  2011
  • Publisher:  Koram Game
  • Developer:  Koram Game
  • Genre:  
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China-based Online games publisher Koram Game has announced the launch of OBT for their newest fantasy strategy-based title last week. Merlin the wizard, who likes playing magic tricks, is again up to his mischief, and this time he has created a catastrophic rift in time. You, together with the greatest heroes and villains of all history are caught in the rift and transported back to Merlin’s alternate reality called “Westmore”, where they team up or battle one another. Chances are that you may meet legendary heroes or bad guys in any era such as Julio-Claudian, Gengis Khan, Robin Hood and even Dracula, conquer them and force them bending at your knees. You can also recruit them into your army in order to survive in this harsh land.

Chronicles of Merlin is just a relaunch of Three Kingdoms Online, Lord of Ages, Batheo, Warlow. If you play 3 minutes, you will know what I am talking about.

Far different from the conventional city-building strategy games, it does away with the typical stone-ore-lumber pattern. Instead, silver coins are the only resource that is used for infrastructure construction, technology researching and units training (Although you still need gold coins, the premium currency to buy other ingame advantages). This revolutionary concept makes you no longer need to tirelessly toil for resource. Besides, the “Campaign” is another key component that allows you to pass through different chapters and hone your skill by fighting against historical forces. Campaign is also associated with technology researching.

For example, you can not upgrade your City Hall past level 9, because the City Hall cannot exceed the level restriction of your initial Region. Only after you have defeated the Boss Robin Hood at the end of the first chapter, can you move your city to a high Region in order to unlock the level cap of City Hall. Likewise, you will need to defeat series different bosses to further unlock each successive Region.

Chronicles of Merlin is also known for its epic PVP battles allowing more than 100 players and 500 heroes fighting simultaneously. It also features top-down perspective turn-based style combat with gorgeous visuals, where you position armies led by selected heroes against attacking or defending opponents. You can also perform a large array of tactical options like mobilizing selected troops or using hero commands. When two opposing troops collide and are engaged in hand-to-hand combat, it will show nice combat animation. The battle mechanics are based on the affinity system, in which certain unit types counteract one another. For example, infantry series are strong against archer series but weaker against cavalry series.

Additionally, the formations used by both sides also play a crucial role in the outcome of the battle. Each formation bears its own unique strength and weakness, so you need to carefully employ each hero with preferred formation in order to maximize his combat ability. There are far too many new features to list them here, I have just named a few of them, and the best features of the game can only be experienced by engaging in them.

Overall, the potential for infinite strategizing is what makes Chronicles of Merlin a great one! If you don’t want to miss the stunning visuals, in-depths gameplay, and the epic campaign storyline, then embrace the dynamic world of Chronicles of Merlin.

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