Battlestar Galactica Online

Battlestar Galactica Online
  • Release Date:  2010/11/8
  • Publisher:  
  • Developer:  Bigpoint
  • Genre:  MMO
  • Rating Score

Battlestar Galactica Online (BGO) is a new space-themed Online Game by Berlin-based game provider Bigpoint, in which you experience the epic adventurous fight between human beings and the ruthless Cylons again.

At the beginning of Battlestar Galactica Online, you’ll be given to a “to be or not to be” choice: Help people in their search for a new home or Join the side of the Cylons. Of course, The goal of the game is to secure the survival of your kind by all means or gain control over the universe.

With strategic and tactical elements in real-time 3D Battles, Battlestar Galactica Online is reshipped into a browser-based mmorpg using the plugin called Unity 3D. In Battlestar Galactica Online, you step both in space and on planets for fight. Exploration missions, epic space battles in a huge universe, and tricky multiplayer missions on your way through the galaxies – all of these make the game stand out among other browser-based mmorpgs. Perhaps, BGO is more attractive than GameForge’s space title Star Trek Infinite Space (still in development).

The missions in Battlestar Galactica Online affect the action of the game and thus players could rewrite their own history and story. More social options await you to unlock.

Boasting console like graphics, diversified gameplay and futuristic visuals,  Battlestar Galactica Online is a must try for those who love Startrek series and Battlestar franchise, and even this game is the representative of next-generation browser mmorpg.

The game is developed in close collaboration with NBC Universal (licensee Battlestar Galactica) and SyFy TV channel which broadcasts the series (the game will be available exclusively on the portal for 30 days before joining the platform the German Bigpoint).

Publisher Bigpoint is now preparing to enter the beta stage. With the free to play model, players could selectively choose buy the value-added items to experience more premium features.

More Features of Battlestar Galactica Online

It’s been a while since the last time we heard piecing gunshot from up above the sky, and now if there is gonna be any cross-fire making the universe topsy-turvy again, you could all well catch Bigpoint with the smoking gun right in hand!

Well, everybody knows how, every time, with this German big fellow pulling the strings, things could be no less than legendary and fierce. Therefore, for all galaxy battles you may have fought or even commanded before, this time, you’d better come in with solider equipments, cooler weapons, wittier tactics, and of course, a larger squad of brilliant warriors following at heels!

The portal to the mysterious, chaotic and dynamic Battlestar Galactica outer-space world will soon get opened Online. Grand spaceships have been docked with tons of supplies loaded and well-armored soldiers lined up, many here have made it all set for the upcoming ultra-terrestrial adventure and got eyes on exceptional achievements through thrilling combats, wild explorations, perilous quests, as well as everything it takes to make a huge difference! What about you then, bro?

There is no point to stand idle when the sky above head is enflamed in crawling warfare, and it will be dumber if you always keep your powder dry while others out there are scrambling to have the last piece of territory carved up and the last drop of resources creamed off. Come on to steer your space vehicles across the hail of bullets; dish your rivalries up with deadly attacks; and loot wherever you set foot on through crafty tactics!

It’s largely teamwork that eventually wins the day. So keep good liaison plus advice flow among co-fighters and form great alliances if there is ever a possibility to do so. But it also works out if you desire for a one horse show at times, for example, venturing out to eavesdrop on the next military ops of your opponents, blast their high-security floating fortress, challenge skilled counterparts in PvP spaceship battles, or pull off the ultimate mission to finally crack the mysteries of the Battlestar Galactica universe!

I don’t know whether it makes things better or worse, but you do watch out for the technique-geeky Cylons during quests or combats. Anyone who makes the best use of futuristic techs for lethal attack, they no doubt take the crown! Wonna outsmart and finally wipe them out of the picture? Buckle down with your lab researches right now!


Battlestar Galactica Online, the coming browser-based MMO from Bigpoint, allows us not only a look at, but also a big say on how a real space fantasy would all ‘fight’ like.

Polished 3D visuals, dynamic missions, shapeable storylines, and revolutionary combat modes make Battlestar Galactica Online the flagship space-themed MMO of Bigpoint, and the entire browser game world.

Hop in to feel up the clashes and crashes among all awesome spaceships!

Now time to assume the role of the military pilots and recruit human civilian fleet to embark on your Cylons-consciousness journey. Earn Experience Points and learn new skills.. Are you ready?

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17 Comments on Battlestar Galactica Online


  1. Despite the nice graphics the game is not worth playing. There is a serious issue of the higher levels camping spawn spots and killing the new players for easy kill quests that are handed out daily. Do not waste your money on this game as you will not be able to complete any on the quest due to camping of spawn spots. Poor game design that will not retain new players for long.

  2. i love the game it will take sometime to get use to it. make friends to help u out. and dont go out to far untill u level up more. its a must to play

  3. I’m having a ton of fun with the game… at level 10 after about a week… play an hour or so a day. Sure… need to watch out for higher levels… but that’s life and that’s the nature of the game. BTW… havent spent a dime.

  4. been playing for about a week. level 9 now. I am getting much better at dog fighting. speed plays a big roll in that. There are “campers” but if you read the right hand message feed you can steer clear of those sector’s until your stronger. The game is fun but the learning curve is somewhat steep until you figure out what to do.

  5. they implemented a new ‘special’ assignment by having some items (coordinates), you have to collect 100 of them playing triad (by wasting some cubits that you can purchase with real money), to open the new mission… i have a friend who did it but when started the assignment he had a plugin failure and had to restart the browser… his surprise was he lost the assignment and all 100 coordinates. Support did nothing to help him, so… dont waste real money there.

  6. I have been playing for a couple of weeks. Pretty solid game, nice simulation, periodic problem with lags that makes dogfighting impossible. Game forces you to team up with other players, which I like. It is true that you can’t go out and conquer the universe on your own, as if should be. As a new player you have to join up with larger and more experience players so you aren’t just space chum. But once you particpate in your first large fleet action, with dozens of line ships and even more strikes flying in from every direction, you’re pretty much hooked. Ask question, learn how to support a large line or escort ship and they will protect you and you will advance. Try to be a Lone Wolf and you will quickly give up and play something else.

  7. i think its one of the topper browser games out there its massive its good build it looks great its free no need to buy cubits and shit those are for ppl who cant wait or whanna push forward faster mostly its fun no ppl whinning about stuff no anoying crybaby’s just do your stuff iff you get atacked by a high lvl make a group and even 4 low lvl’s do take down 1 high lvl and so on besisdes that i am having a blast and its free iff this game really so bad why over 9 million ppl are init then i say go cylons !!!!sorry for the bad english ;)

  8. I have only been playing a few days.. love the game… not for whiners or cry babies so need to learn to suck it up. I am level 9 and most of my kills are between levels 50 to 100 so your low level isnt an issue. Spawn camping is in every game.


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