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A browser game is a text-based, word-based, graphic and flash-based game that is playable on a web browser like Firefox, and IE. See the List of browser games to play, and the game list is updated every day.

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Ecol Tactics Online

Posted on  Jan 22,2013  09:01 , by EDWARD WONG

Ecol Tactics Online is a turn based, browser strategy game where players recruits mercenaries and defeat evil monsters that threaten the queen and her kingdom. Customize your skill builds and gather a diverse cast of characters and prepare for war against evil hordes of monsters and their creator. Strategic decisions turn the tide of battles. The [...]

Chrono Tales

Posted on  Jan 12,2013  08:01 , by EDWARD WONG

The massive fantasy world of Chrono Tales is now splitting under a fierce and overwhelming war. Declared by Raymond, the guardian of Chroland, the war aims to destroy the revived evil led by the wicked incumbent king of another country. In this free browser-based 3D MMORPG, animation-styled characters, customized weapons, and multiple powerful pets are all [...]

Cyber ​​Monster

Posted on  Oct 2,2012  03:10 , by EDWARD WONG

Cyber ​​Monster is a free to play 2D Browser MMORPG with anime graphics reminiscent of role-playing games like Tamer Saga, Crystal Saga and Eden Eternal. As a young hero, you throw yourself into a massive adventure on a mission to rescue the world threatened by hordes of evil monsters. As a warrior, mage, priest or [...]

Fiction Fighters

Posted on  Aug 10,2012  02:08 , by EDWARD WONG

Fiction Fighters is a flash-based multiplayer online game that features attractive and lovingly graphics and humorous fighting. The game is more comic book than a browser game that we played in a traditional way. Your protagonist fighter, which you can make, will learn the basics at the beginning of the turn-based battles. This is also [...]

Game of Thrones Online

Posted on  Jul 4,2012  03:07 , by EDWARD WONG

Game of Thrones Online, subtitled as Seven Kingdoms, is a browser-based sandbox MMORPG based on the successful HBO TV show Game of Thrones adapted from the bestseller of A Song of Ice and Fire by George Martin. Set in the world of Westeros taking place in the medieval age, Game of Thrones Seven Kingdoms doesn’t [...]

Ensemble Online

Posted on  Apr 26,2012  05:04 , by EDWARD WONG

Ensemble Online, created by SemiFormal Studios, is a 2D real-time strategy MMORPG where you can participate in a series of activities in a peaceful yet isolated city called Cidona. The storyline goes as follows: Inhabitants of Cidona are confronted with the exacerbating problem of overpopulation. To survive and thrive, you have to gather up resources, [...]

Kingdom Age

Posted on  Apr 21,2012  02:04 , by EDWARD WONG

Kingdom Age is a social strategy game from Funzio. The game allows players to build their medival city, engage in the epic warfare and conquer the whole European continent. Kingdom Age brings the side scrolling element to the war simulation. It makes the game unique by blending classic empire-building genre with the action-packed element that [...]

Thirst of Night

Posted on  Mar 21,2012  05:03 , by EDWARD WONG

Thirst of Night is an extensive strategy MMORTS game, which implements the entire range known from other productions of this kind of mechanisms and relationships. Skirmishes between players take place in real time, and raw material extraction and processing should be pre-done before you go to war. The combination of futuristic atmosphere of vampires is [...]

Soul of Guardian

Posted on  Mar 19,2012  07:03 , by EDWARD WONG

Two factions, namely, Battle Warden and Soul Envoy, coexist in a fantasy world. The otherwise peaceful life is ruined by their different sets of beliefs. As a consequence, the world is engulfed in flames of war and tormented by legions of demons. It is time for you to jump into Soul of Guardian, choose your [...]

Immortal King

Posted on  Sep 7,2011  03:09 , by EDWARD WONG

If you want to have your own empire and become a legend among the gods of Greek mythology, Immortal King may fulfill your dreams of  making a divine empire! In the mythological world of “Immortal King”, you need to conquer the enemies step by step through continuous struggle for territory. Constant battles with opponents favor [...]